How Heavy is 9 Kilograms? (With 12 Visuals)

Understanding how heavy 9 kilograms is can be valuable, especially in regions or fields using the metric system.

It can help you compare the weights of other objects or determine if they meet certain weight restrictions, such as for luggage on an airplane.

Nine kilograms is also applicable in everyday weight measurements, including food portions, body weight, and household items.

For these and other applications, I’ll show you 12 ways to practically understand how heavy nine kilograms is so you can make informed decisions.

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12 Familiar References For 9 Kilograms

Nine kilograms is equivalent to 19.8 pounds.

That’s relatively heavy in everyday life, as although most people can comfortably lift something weighing 9 kilograms, it is tiresome to walk with for long durations.

For reference, you can compare it to the following items.

1. A Large-sized Watermelon

Watermelons are hydration heroes, thanks to their more than 90 percent water content.

There are over 1,200 different varieties of these summertime fruits ranging in size, shape, and color.

However, we’re only interested in the green-skinned variety with pink or red flesh as it’s the most common.

According to the Watermelon Board, a large-sized one weighs approximately 20 pounds (nine kilograms).

2. A Small Passenger Car Tire

Small passenger car tires are designed for compact and mid-sized vehicles such as sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, and coupes.

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They come in various sizes and types, including all-season, summer, and winter tires, each designed for specific driving conditions.

They range from 20 to 22 pounds (about nine kilograms), excluding the rim.

3. Half a Bushel of Currants

Currants are small, round, and tart berries with various colors, including red, black, and white. Due to their tangy flavor, they are suitable for baking, cooking, and making jams and jellies. 

A bushel of currants is a significant quantity that can serve various purposes, such as making a large batch of jams, jellies, or pies.

It weighs approximately 40 pounds (18 kilograms), meaning half is an excellent reference for nine kilograms.

3. 2 Domestic Cats

Domestic cats are popular and beloved pets worldwide due to their playful and affectionate nature, while they also comfort their owners.

Depending on the breed, a cat may weigh as light as five pounds or as heavy as 25 pounds.

However, in most cases, the regular cat is about ten pounds (4.5 kilograms) heavy. 

That means two would clock nine kilograms if you put them on a scale.

4. 2.5 Gallons of Water


Water is a reliable way to understand and determine weights, from as lightweight as one ounce to as heavy as 100 kilograms. It’s universally available, and you can divide it into teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, or gallons according to what you need to measure. 

Using gallons is the most realistic way to determine or understand how heavy nine kilograms is, as you need only two and a half gallons.

5. 2.5 Gallons of Milk

Milk is another excellent way to determine measurements at home, similar to water. 

It suits lightweight and relatively heavy measurements better, so you can use it for nine kilograms since it belongs to the latter category. 

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A gallon weighs 3.9 kilograms, meaning you can compare nine kilograms to two and a half gallons.

They’re only 0.75 kilograms heavier, which is not a worthy deal breaker.

6. 2 Gallons of Paint

As you expect, paint is heavier than water and milk due to its thickness. 

A gallon of paint can vary slightly depending on the type and brand of paint, and most average about eleven pounds (4.9 kilograms). 

So, two gallons can give you an idea of how heavy nine kilograms is.

Those are enough to cover around 400-600 square feet with a single coat, depending on the type of paint, the surface you’re painting, and its texture.

7. 4.5 Standard Bricks

Bricks are among the most commonly used references for relatively lightweight measurements starting with two kilograms since they are just as heavy in the United States. They may vary slightly depending on the country, but always confirm the standard weight in your country before referencing them. 

So, to understand how heavy nine kilograms is, you can compare it to four and a half bricks in the United States.

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8. 4 Reams of Letter-sized Papers

Letter-sized paper is the default size for many documents, such as letters, resumes, and school assignments. It’s also widely used in printers and copiers, making it a versatile and widely recognized paper size.

It measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches and comes in a ream weighing precisely five pounds (approximately 2.3 kilograms).

If you’re familiar with them, nine kilograms is four times as heavy.

9. 10 Average-sized Pineapples

Pineapples are versatile in cooking, and you can enjoy them in many ways. You can use them as a topping on pizza and fruit salads, an ingredient in cocktails like piña coladas, or eat them as a standalone snack. 

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The weight of a pineapple can vary depending on its size and variety, but most in farmers’ markets and grocery stores are approximately two pounds (0.9 kilograms) heavy.

That means a bag of ten average-sized pineapples weighs about nine kilograms.

10. 5 15-inch Laptops

15-inch laptops provide a large-enough display compared to smaller laptops, making them great for tasks like video editing, graphic design, or multitasking.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, these laptops can vary in weight, but the average is about four pounds (1.8 kilograms). Some popular models in that weight bracket include the HP Spectre x360, HP Victus 15, and Dell XPS.

So, if you own one, you can imagine something five times heavier to understand the heaviness of 9 kilograms.

11. 3 Newborn Babies

Newborns bring joy and wonder to families and communities, reminding us of the beauty of life and the importance of cherishing each moment.

Their weight can vary significantly, but the average weight of a full-term newborn is typically 3.2 kilograms.

If you have tried lifting one, nine kilograms is about three times as heavy.

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12. 5 Steel-toe Boots

If you own a pair of steel-toe boots, they can be a reliable way to understand different measurements, including nine kilograms. 

These boots are usually heavier than regular footwear due to the added protective feature of a steel cap at the rear end. 

They may vary in weight depending on the manufacturer and nature of materials, but most average about four pounds (1.8), similar to a 15-inch laptop. 

That means five typical steel-toe boots tip the scale at about nine kilograms.

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