15 Common Things That Weigh About 0.5 Grams (+Pics)

No matter how light half a gram is, understanding how lightweight it is and how to measure it can be a valuable skill in situations where precision and accuracy are essential.

Chefs and home cooks work with delicate ingredients involving as lightweight measurements as half a gram.

Professionals in the jewelry and gemstone industry need to accurately assess the weight of precious materials for valuation and certification, and half a gram is a frequent weight in this niche.

Also, learning about different units of measurement, including half a gram, is an essential part of science and can broaden your horizons.

So, in this post, I’ll walk you through 15 things weighing about half a gram so you can apply the knowledge in whatever area you want to.

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Let’s dive in.

15 Common Things That Weigh About Half a Gram

1. A Raisin

One raisin alone can’t satisfy hunger or provide significant nutritional benefits – it’s too little to make a difference.

However, it’s all you need to understand how lightweight half a gram is since it’s just as heavy.

They’re popular additions in many dishes, from oatmeal and salads to cookies and trail mix, while some people use them as standalone due to their sweet and chewy texture.

2. 2 Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know that pumpkin seeds have been one of the humans’ favorite snacks for as far back as 7,000 to 5,500 BCE? 

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And all that is because of their rich nutritional profile, boasting loads of protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins (like B vitamins), and minerals (such as magnesium, zinc, and iron).

Each pumpkin seed weighs approximately 0.3 grams, including the kernel, meaning two will be about 0.5 grams. 

The recommended serving is about 60 seeds (a quarter cup), according to The American Heart Association, so do not go beyond that just because you find them tiny.

3. A Sunflower Seed

Similarly to pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are nutritious snacks with many benefits, including supporting heart health and providing antioxidants.

These seeds are almost double as heavy as pumpkin seeds, as they weigh 0.5 grams, excluding the kernels.

While consuming them, limit yourself to only 30 seeds or about a quarter cup.

4. 2 Corn Grain Kernels

Corn grains, also known as maize, are a widely cultivated cereal crop with a rich history dating back thousands of years. They’re essential in many cuisines worldwide while playing a vital role in global agriculture. 

Corn grain kernels are in the same class as pumpkin seeds, as they have a mass of between 0.25 and 0.3 grams, depending on the variety.

That means you can compare 0.5 grams to two corn grain kernels.

5. 8 Wheat Grains

Wheat grains are a staple food source for millions of people worldwide. They are a significant source of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

As expected, wheat grains are featherlight compared to the other seeds we’ve seen,  weighing only 0.065 grams.

Thus, to weigh 0.5 grams, you want to have about eight.

6. Two Peas

Dried peas can be ground into pea flour and used in various recipes, such as soup or gluten-free baking.

They are as heavy as pumpkin seeds and corn grains, weighing approximately 0.25 grams on average.

So, you would need two to understand how lightweight half a gram is.

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7. Half a Jelly Bean

Jelly beans are colorful and tasty candies with many flavors, including orange, cherry, grape, and lemon. Whether you love them or not, they have been a popular candy for many years and are often associated with holidays like Easter.

Each jelly bean is only about one gram heavy, meaning half weighs 0.5 grams.

8. Half a US Dollar Note

United States dollar notes are an excellent way to understand lightweight measurements, starting from one gram to 10 grams. That’s because they’re readily available and have standard sizes. 

Regardless of the denomination, all US dollar notes weigh the same, precisely one gram. 

So, if you have one right now, place it on your hand and imagine something half as heavy. That’s how 0.5 grams feels like.

9. A 1×1 Inch Lego Brick

Lego bricks are a popular and versatile toy known for their interlocking design, allowing endless possibilities for creativity and building.

Lego bricks come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different building needs and styles.

1×1 inch bricks are one of the most common and are perfect references for half a gram since they weigh 0.45 grams, which is close.

Their low weight makes them easy to handle while minimizing the risk of injuries during play.

10. Half a Standard Post-it Note

Post-it notes are adhesive paper notes commonly used for temporary notes, reminders, and organization. Their ability to stick to various surfaces without leaving residue makes them a handy tool for personal and professional use.

Post-it notes come in different sizes, from featherlight ones weighing 0.02 grams to standard ones measuring 3×3 inches and weighing approximately one gram.

So, using the standard ones as benchmarks, 0.5 grams is half their weight.

If you have many or don’t mind, you can tear one into equal parts. Each part should weigh 0.5 grams.

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11. A 2.5-carat Diamond

Like other diamonds, 2.5-carat diamonds have a unique combination of beauty and hardness and are especially popular in the jewelry niche.

These games are the perfect reference for half a gram since they are just as heavy. 

And surprisingly, despite their size, they’re so valuable that, to get one, you have to fork out between $9,200 and $120,000!

12. 2 Aspirin Tablets

Aspirin is a widely used medication known for its pain-relieving (analgesic), anti-inflammatory, and fever-reducing (antipyretic) properties.

Each aspirin tablet weighs about 0.3 grams, so two are slightly heavier than 0.5 grams.

You can get aspirin over the counter, but if you have any questions or concerns about their uses beyond using them for weight comparisons, consult a medical professional for guidance.

13. 70 Houseflies

Well, out of all the items on our list, houseflies are the only ones you don’t want near you. They hurt human health due to their potential to transmit diseases.

But if you insist on using them as reference points for half a gram, you can have as many as 70.

According to the Research Gate, a housefly weighs about 0.007 grams, depending on the growth stage.

14. A Train Ticket

Train tickets are usually lightweight for convenience and ease of distribution.

The specific weight can vary slightly depending on factors such as the type of paper used and any additional security features or printing.

But usually, it flirts with half a gram.

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15. 10 Percent of a Teaspoon of Water

A teaspoon of water is a relatively small amount.

But while it may not seem like much, it still has a measurable weight of approximately 5 grams, as water is relatively dense.

Therefore, using that to understand how heavy half a gram is, it’s 10% the weight of a teaspoon of water.

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