11 Common Things That Weigh About 6 Ounces (Visual Examples)

Knowing things that weigh about 6 ounces can be helpful when you want to understand or determine how heavy six ounces is, and you don’t have a weighing scale handy. 

There are different contexts, from cooking and baking to science experiments involving a measurement or an understanding of six ounces, and that’s where these items can be a valuable asset. 

And in this post, you’ll discover 11 such items to help you understand what six ounces look like for whatever purpose you want to. From spoonfuls of water to standard pencils, we’ve included household and items you can find at home.

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List of Common Things That Weigh About 6 Ounces 

Depending on the context, you may need to have one of these items with you. In other cases, particularly if you’re only looking for general information, you only need to be familiar with the weight of these items. 

1. 12 Spoonfuls of Water

Water is an essential item found in every household, and so is a spoon. 

Therefore, knowing that one spoonful of water is approximately 15 grams (0.522055 ounces), you only need as many as 12 spoonfuls of water to give you a taste of something weighing about six ounces.

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We’ve used this concept in our previous post about things that weigh about three ounces, so it’s a proven approach. 

2. 12 Metallic Spoons

You can bet that every household has metallic spoons for eating or even serving food. But you can also bet that most people don’t know how one weighs. Right? 

Well, although the size may vary depending on the brand, a standard metallic spoon weighs approximately 0.5 ounces. That means 12 such spoons will weigh about six ounces.

3. 30 US Quarters

United States quarters are used in everyday transactions, especially in parking meters, vending machines, and other coin-operated devices, so they are readily available. In fact, you could be having a few at home. 

Quarters are reliable reference items for various weights, such as five grams, because they usually weigh 5.67 grams. 

And that’s about 0.2 ounces, meaning if you can gather as many as 30, they would weigh approximately six ounces.

4. 30 Nickels

Similarly to the US quarters, nickels are used in daily transactions in the United States, despite having a low face value. 

These coins are slightly lighter than the quarters, at 0.18 ounces, but still can be excellent for things that weigh about six ounces. You only need to gather as many as thirty.

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5. Three Large Boiled Eggs

Eggs are nutritional powerhouses, and it’s common to find them in many homes. Some people, especially those looking to build muscles, often keep crates. 

The weight of an egg can vary depending on various factors. But roughly, a large boiled one is usually about 50 grams (1.8 ounces) – a perfect reference if you want to determine how heavy 50 grams is. 

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If you can get three, they would bring you close to the world of six ounces.

6. 7 or 8 Alkaline AA Batteries

Alkaline AA batteries are used to power small electronic household devices such as flashlights, remote controls, and portable audio players. 

Although the size of these batteries can vary depending on the manufacturer, on average, one weighs 0.8 ounces. Therefore, seven or eight should weigh approximately six ounces.

7. Three Tennis Balls

Although tennis balls are used to play tennis, you often find them in some homes as pet toys for dogs and cats. That’s why, due to their ease of accessibility, they are go-to references for various measurements. 

According to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) regulations, a tennis ball should weigh between 1.98 and 2.1 ounces. So three should weigh anything from 5.94 and 6.2 ounces.

8. 30 Sheets of Standard A4 Papers

A4 paper is the standard size for printing documents, such as letters, resumes, reports, brochures, flyers, and other business or personal correspondence. Others use it for printing, writing, drawing, and crafting.

A standard A4 paper weighs approximately 0.18 ounces in the United States, similar to nickel. So to measure something about six ounces, you need 30 such A4 papers.

9. 150 Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are small, bean-like colorful candies typically made of sugar, corn syrup, and various flavorings. They’re popular candies enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide. 

At only 1.1 grams (0.04 ounces) each, a bean is so lightweight that you can barely feel it if someone placed one on your hand unaware. However, these little guys can help you understand how heavy six ounces is with as many as 150 in your hand.

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10. Five Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are household items in many households, as they’re a basic necessity in modern living, always hanging under the roof. So because they’re an integral part of our daily lives, they can double up as references for various measurements due to their ease of accessibility. 

While they come in various sizes and shapes to fit different fixtures, a standard sixty-watt light bulb weighs approximately 1.199315 ounces. So if you want a taste of six ounces, grab five.

11. A Hockey Puck

If you play hockey recreationally, chances are you’re familiar with a hockey puck, the small, black, circular, disc-shaped object made of hard rubber or plastic used as a ball.

These pucks are available in various colors, which represent different variations. 

And those used during hockey practices and games are of a standard size – they measure three inches in diameter and weigh approximately six ounces

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