10 Common Household Items That Hold 1 Liter (With Pics)

Let’s say you need to measure one liter but don’t have a measuring jug available. What can you do?

Worry not; there are several household items that hold one liter you can use instead. And that’s what we’ll cover in this post. 

So if you want to measure one liter for your cooking and baking needs… 

Or you’re conducting science experiments… 

Or maybe, you’re looking for general information out of curiosity… 

You’ll find this post handy. 

Let’s dive in.

10 Common Household Items That Hold 1 Liter

1. 2-liter Soda Bottle

Although they come in different sizes, the 2-liter soda bottle is the standard size for soda and other soft drinks in the United States. You will likely find this bottle in fridges in many American homes. 

As it implies, a 2-liter soda bottle holds two liters of liquid. So if you want to measure one liter, you only need to fill the bottle half.

2. Shampoo and Soap Bottles

Shampoo and soap bottles hold liquid personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and liquid soap. 

These bottles come in different sizes, but one-liter sizes, considered household by many, are much more common as they’re easy to use and convenient for consumers.

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These bottles hold one liter of liquid, and in fact, they’re usually labeled at the bottom.

3. Three Standard Soft Drink Cans

Soft drink cans are cylindrical containers made of aluminum or steel used to hold soda, beer, and other carbonated drinks. 

Typically, a standard soft drink that can hold 12 fluid ounces is the most popular in the United States, as it’s the convenient and portable way to enjoy drinks on the go.

One such can holds about 0.34 liters, meaning if you want to measure one liter, three are enough.

4. Number 3 Can

The number 3 can is a widely used and versatile container size in the food industry as a practical and convenient way to store various dry foods, including pineapples, chips, and pickles. 

Typically, number 3 cans have a volume of 32 ounces, equivalent to 0.9 liters.

Although it cannot hold precisely one liter, it’s still a great reference, especially if you are doing DIY projects that are not strict on accuracy.

5. 1-Liter Ice Cream Tub

Ice cream is a popular dessert in the United States, and many people enjoy buying it in larger quantities, such as a 1-liter tub for their household use.

And as the name implies, a 1-liter Ice Cream tub holds precisely one liter of fluid. So if there’s one lying around at home, it’s an excellent alternative for a measuring jug.

6. Four 9-oz Baby Milk Bottles

Many parents in the United States have normalized using milk bottles for feeding their babies and infants. And if you walk into many stores that sell baby products, such as supermarkets, 9 oz bottles are popular as they are one of the most common sizes. 

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These large bottles hold 0.26616 liters, meaning you need four to measure one liter.

7. 1-liter Bottle of Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is arguably the most popular cooking and frying oil in the United States due to its affordability and widespread availability.

The oil is sold in different sizes, but one-liter bottles are a staple in the country, especially among small families.

These bottles typically hold one liter of fluid. So like shampoo and soap bottles, you can use them, although you should first wash them thoroughly.

8. 1-quart Ziploc Bag

1-quart ziplock bags are a staple in the United States, as, apart from storing food, many use them to organize small items, while hikers and campers see them as a lightweight and convenient way to carry snacks and other essentials. 

These bags hold about 0.95 liters when at capacity, and they can help you estimate one liter, especially if you have nothing else to turn to.

9. 1-quart Milk Box

Milk is an essential ingredient in many American homes, and for households that consume less of it, 1-quart boxes are a popular choice.

Similarly to a 1-quart ziplock bag, this milk box holds about 0.95 liters, which is only 0.5 liters shy of the one liter mark we’re trying to estimate.

10. A Standard Jar

Jars in the United States are used for canning and preserving different foods, including vegetables, fruits, jams, and dried products such as beans and grains. 

The most common jar holds a standard volume capacity of 32 ounces or 0.9 liters.

That’s only a mere 0.1 liters from the one-liter mark, so it’s still a reliable option for measuring 1-liter or more volumes for your projects at home.

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