13 Common Things That Weigh About 20 Kilograms (+ Pics)

Most adults can carry something weighing 20 kilograms without difficulty, especially for short periods.

That said, you can’t walk around with such an item comfortably as you do with a 450-gram loaf of bread. 

To provide a practical understanding of how heavy that weight is, we will present thirteen items that weigh about 20 kilograms as reference points in this post. 

So, whether you want to understand how heavy that weight is to aid in daily activities that involve carrying objects, or you are interested in weights and measurements, or are just curious about 20 kilograms, familiarizing yourself with a few of these things will pay dividends.

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Things That Weigh About 20 Kilograms

Twenty kilograms is equivalent to approximately 40 pounds or 0.02 tons. 

Use the following items to get an impression of how heavy it is.

1. 20 Liters of Water

Water is a perfect reference for various measurements, lightweight and heavy. It’s divisible into different quantities to help understand many weight measurements. And the best part, it’s universally available – so everyone can access it.

For relatively heavier measurements such as 20 kilograms, you only need to understand that one liter of water is precisely one kilogram.

So if you’re wondering if 20 kilograms is too heavy to lift or not, imagine trying to pick up a 20-liter water jerrycan. 

Alternatively, you can use a five-gallon water container as it weighs almost the same, at about 19 kilograms.

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2. Ten Bricks

Bricks are also excellent reference items for various lightweight and heavy-weight measurements, starting with two kilograms and five kilograms, as each weighs about 2.05 kilograms in the United States. 

And so, for 20 kilograms, you will need only ten bricks to get an idea of how heavy that weight is. 

However, remember that the standard size of bricks varies from country to country, so you must confirm in your country before using them as references for measurements.

3. Half a Bag of Cement

Often, cement goes hand in hand with bricks. If you can find bricks, there’s a good chance you can also find cement bags if you ask around. 

Similarly to bricks, the standard size of a bag of cement varies as you move from country to country. For example, it weighs 94 pounds (about 42 kilograms) in the United States.

That means if you divide it into two equal portions, each weighs about 20 kilograms.

4. Two Large Watermelons

For watermelon lovers, nothing beats the sweet taste of a slice of watermelon, especially during the summer. 

You often find these summertime fruits in almost every grocery store and supermarket, but have you ever tried to hold a large-sized one? 

According to the Watermelon Board, an average-sized large watermelon weighs approximately 20 pounds or nine kilograms. If you can imagine holding two, they would weigh around 20 kilograms.

5. A Bag of 20 Pineapples

Similarly to watermelons, pineapples are common fruits in grocery stores and supermarkets. 

And, like watermelons, not all pineapples are the same size; depending on the variety, they can be as heavy as six pounds. However, most you find in markets weigh about 2 pounds (approximately one kilogram). 

Therefore, if you put as many as 20 pineapples in a lightweight bag, you should realize a weight of 20 kilograms.

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6. 3 Average-sized Pumpkins

Pumpkins belong to the same class as watermelons. And while watermelons are popular during the summer, pumpkins crowd the market during the fall season and Halloween and Thanksgiving as people associate them with cultural significance.

You can find tiny pumpkins weighing barely a kilogram. But an average-sized one is approximately 6 kilograms.

So, if you can get three, they should weigh about 20 kilograms.

7. A Typical Twin-size Mattress

Something you can use to understand how heavy 20 kilograms could be just idling in your bedroom!

Also known as single mattresses in some regions, a twin-size mattress is one of the smallest standard mattress sizes available. They are ideal for children’s bedrooms, guest rooms, single individuals, or situations with limited space.

Most twin-size mattresses are 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. And although some may weigh as much as 100 pounds, a typical one is usually about 20 kilograms.

8. A Typical E-bike

Over recent years, E-bikes have gained popularity in many countries, including the United States. And if you own one or are familiar with them, it could be just what you need to gauge how heavy 20 kilograms is. 

Of course, bicycle weight varies according to use, materials, budget, rider preference, plus regulations from the sport’s governing bodies.

That said, a typical e-bike weighs about 21 kilograms, close to the 20-kilograms mark.

9. A Medium-sized Microwave

Microwaves are popular household items in the United States and many other parts of the world. 

They come in all sizes, with some weighing as heavy as 25 kilograms. However, a medium-sized one is usually about 9.9 kilograms. 

If you’re familiar with them, you can imagine lifting two to get an impression of something weighing about 20 kilograms.

10. Five Large Domestic Cats

Cat owners can testify how cats provide companionship and emotional support to them as they’re known to form strong bonds with their human companions and offer comfort and affection.

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But a few can tell you how heavy these pets can get.

Well, according to WebMD, a large domestic cat weighs approximately 4.5 kilograms.

If you usually play with yours by picking it up, imagine holding four more to get a mental image of 20 kilograms.

11. A Female Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are popular family pets because of their friendly and outgoing nature. Also, most people love them due to their beautiful blue or multicolored eyes. 

Like most animals, a typical female Siberian husky is slightly lighter than a male, weighing anything between 16kg and 23kg.

They can give you a rough estimate of what 20 kilograms looks like, especially if you keep them or want to share the information on trivia.

12. A 5-6-year-old Kid

Interestingly, the weight of toddlers and kids could be a perfect way to understand various weight measurements since humans weigh differently at different stages of life. 

According to Baby Center, in the United States, a kid aged about six to seven years weighs approximately 20 kilograms

So if you know one, try lifting them if you’re wondering if you can carry a 20-kilogram object.

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13. A Standard Office Chair

The weight of a standard office chair can vary wildly. The specific design and materials used, additional features such as armrest, lumbar support, and adjustable mechanisms, all influence the weight of these chairs.

That means that office chairs can range from lightweight types, weighing as little as 4.5 kilograms, to heavier models weighing up to 23 kilograms.

That said, the average office chair (see the picture above) usually weighs about 18 kilograms. A difference of two kilograms, but not a worthy deal breaker if you are looking for a reference for 20 kilograms.

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