9 Common Things That are 30 Feet Tall

It’s easy to picture 100 meters, although long, as you can reference a 100-meters field. 

Also, you’ll easily picture a distance of 30 centimeters since you can refer to the well-known school ruler. 

What about 30 feet? That’s damn challenging.

But there’s a hack. You might be unaware of them, but there are a few things that are 30 feet tall that you can reference. Also, some others add up to actualize that mark. 

In this post, we’ll look at all these objects to help you picture 30 feet distances with ease.

9 Common Things That are 30 Feet Tall

1. Two Giraffes

Giraffes are native to Sub-Saharan Africa, with most living in the arid savannas. They are a common sight in East African countries, especially in Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks, so chances are you’ve come across one if you love adventure.

The animals are ridiculously tall, and no other creature can match their height. The legs and the necks make up most of that, as they average about 6 feet tall each. Add the rest of the body, and most giraffes fall between 14-16 feet tall. To get a rough estimate of how tall 30 feet is, picture two giraffes standing on each other.

2. Three Basketball Rims

Presumably you’ve been on a basketball court, either playing or as a spectator. 

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Regardless of what you were doing there, you must have seen the circular metal ring (the rim) with a hanging net through which a ball must pass for a player to score a point. Well, did you notice the distance from the ground to the rim? It’s usually 10 feet from the ground, as per the rules of the NBA, which apply globally.

With that in mind, you can imagine three times the height of the rim from the ground to get an estimate of 30 feet.

3. Two Audi A4

Audi A4 is a line of executive cars produced by Audi, a German manufacturing company. It has become popular worldwide since its inauguration in 1994, as it’s a luxury car that ranks high in terms of performance and interiors. 

Even if you don’t own an Audi A4, chances are you’ve come across one, as they’ve been in circulation for five generations. 

They all measure 15.6 feet in length, and that’s, in fact, why they fall under executive cars. That means, in your mind, if you make one stand on its rear tyres and add another one on top, you can get an idea of how tall 30 feet is.

4. Five Average Park Benches

A park bench is a relatively long bench made of wood, metal, or other synthetic materials. Park benches are popular in many homesteads as they create living spaces outdoors. You might also have seen them in stores. 

Park benches come in different sizes and shapes, and the most common in homesteads and schools are the average-sized, which are available in the 4-6 foot range. So to ‘create’ something that’s 30 feet, imagine six average park benches standing vertically on each other.

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5. Female Green Anaconda 

The green anaconda is a boa snake species native to South America. It’s also known as a giant emerald anaconda in the region.

Green anacondas are the heaviest and one of the longest snakes in the world, specifically the females, which are significantly longer than the males. 

According to the National Zoo, female green anacondas reach a length of 30 feet, meaning you don’t need to add anything else to realize a distance of 30 feet. 

However, in case you encounter one, you may not have the luxury of watching it (unless it’s unawares), as, although it’s non-venomous, it’s a deadly snake that kills by constriction. So the best chance of seeing a female green anaconda is in nature documentaries.

6. Three Average-sized Kayaks 

A kayak is a light, narrow type of canoe that an operator uses a double-bladed paddle to propel as one sails above the water. Kayaks are popular as they’re used for kayaking sports and recreational activities worldwide by kids and adults alike. If you’re a regular visitor to coastal areas, you might have seen this type of water vessel. 

Like many products, kayaks come in different sizes, which determines their speed (the longer the kayak, the faster it is). The average kayak is not the fastest, but it’s perfect for referencing lengths of 30 feet. They’re usually 10 feet long, meaning you need to visualize three standing on each other, head-wise, to realize the mark.

7. Two Regular Canoes

Canoes are water vessels with much resemblance to kayaks. And like kayaks, canoes are also used for kayaking, and they’re, in fact, faster, especially the regular ones. 

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Regular canoes are very common as they’re used in oceans, as well as in rivers. 

What’s more, owners who don’t often use these water vessels usually keep them in garages. So if you know some canoe idling somewhere, why not turn it into a reference object?

Their lengths range between 15-17 feet, meaning imagining two on top of each other gives you an idea of a 30-foot object.

8. Half a Bowling Lane 

A bowling lane is the area or facility where bowling, the leading recreational activity in the USA, is played. For context, it’s like a football pitch where the game of football is played. 

The length of the regulation line, which is measured from the center of the head pin (the nearest standing pin to the bowler once the game is set up) to the foul area, is usually 60 feet. So if you’ve been in the game, visualize half of that distance to get a view of 30 feet.

9. A 3-Storey Residential Building

Storeyed residential buildings are now everywhere as demand for housing continues to grow. 

In most cities and towns, 3-storey residential buildings are a common sight, and they make the best reference for objects that are perfectly 30 feet, as that is the required height of these apartments worldwide. 

And when estimating lengths of 30 feet using 3-storey buildings, make sure you reference residential ones. That’s because mixed 3-storey buildings and those with offices will always give you a far-off estimate, as they’re usually more than 35 feet tall.

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