9 Readily-available Things That are 14 Inches Long

Let’s say your job doesn’t involve measuring tools, and you’ve to estimate a length of 14 inches. 

How would you go about it?

Well, it can be daunting, and you may end up frustrated – and even without getting what you wanted. 

Fortunately, that’s where objects that are 14 inches long come in. Imagining these things will help you understand how long 14 inches is.

This post explores 9 things that are 14 inches long. And since they’re only a few, we’ve included others that add up to our desired mark to give you more options.

These 9 Things Will Help You Estimate With Ease

1. Laptop Screen

Laptops, like most products, come in different sizes, with users having to choose which suits their needs. 

For instance, small-sized laptops are ideal for students and freelance writers alike who don’t need too much display. And most of the time, these laptops are usually around the 14-inch mark. Some common ones are Huawei MateBook X Pro, Spectre x360 14, and MacBook Pro 14. 

These laptops make a great point of referencing 14-inch lengths since you only need to visualize the screen display once. But bear in mind that, like in smartphones, the screen display is measured diagonally, from the left corner to the top right.

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2. Four Credit Cards

Something you can use to estimate a length of 14 inches is within very reach and could even be lying in your wallet: a credit card. 

In fact, credit cards will help get a good estimate as they are equal in size for easy use, regardless of your country. According to International Standards, all credit cards are 3.375 inches long. That’s too far from our mark, but you can imagine four arranged in a row to realize 13.5 inches which is just 0.5 inches shy.

3. Shoeboxes

Shoeboxes are used for storing shoes and are common in clothing stores. You can also buy these boxes as they not only add convenience and your house but also help keep your shoes from dust, especially if you don’t have a shoe rack. 

Ordinary men’s shoes are generally 14 inches long, while those for females are slightly shy of that mark.

Kids’ shoeboxes, meanwhile, are usually 7 inches long, meaning, to understand how long 14 inches is, you need to imagine two in close contact in a row.

4. Five Golf Tees

If you’ve been to a golfing field or have watched the game on TV, you must have seen a small wooden or plastic tool with a thin pointed shaft and a broad, flattened head that supports the ball before the player strikes. True? Well, it’s called a golf tee. 

Golf tees are one of the most used objects for referencing different kinds of lengths. So why don’t you also use them to visualize a distance of 14 inches?

The size of golf tees varies, with the longest ones going at most four inches and the smallest around 1.5 inches.

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That said, 4-inch and 1.5-inch tees are rare and are mostly used by individuals for recreational golfing. Those you see in professional golf matches are usually 2.75 inches long, so you need five to actualize the desired mark.

5. Two Medium-sized Bananas

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in every grocery store. These sweet fruits are nutrient-dense and are components of diets that can stop hypertension. 

But leave that to the medics. Here we’re using the fruits as length reference objects, and as per the US Department of Agriculture, an average-sized or medium banana is usually 7 inches long. You only need two to imagine how long 14 inches is. Oh, and don’t forget to eat them for the reason we’ve just mentioned.

6. Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is a small, mini-oven-looking electric countertop appliance that works as an oven-toaster hybrid. A toaster oven is preferred because it pre-heats faster than a full-sized oven, although not as fast as a microwave. 

If there’s a toaster oven in your home, or you’ve seen one, it can come in handy in estimating lengths of 14 inches. The Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven is a perfect example of such an oven, and is usually 14 inches deep. Be sure not to confuse the depth with the height, as it’ll mislead you since it’s 16.5 inches tall.

7. Two Standard Pencils

Pencils are great tools that many people use every day for various tasks, such as writing and drawing sketches. 

But have you ever asked yourself how long these pencils are?

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Well, to make it comfortable and easy to use, pencils have standardized lengths of 7.5 inches with the eraser included. When you place two pencils on top of each other, they add up to 15 inches, which is just shy of our mark. Alternatively, you can imagine the two pencils in the same scenario but minus the erasers to give a definitive estimate of 14 inches.

And while at it, make sure the pencils are brand new, as used ones will be misleading since they become shorter as you sharpen them.

8. Two Standard Silverware Butter Knives

A butter knife is a relatively small, blunt-edged knife with a somewhat pointed or rounded tip. They’re found in almost every household for applying spreads such as butter, cheese, or cream to bread. 

A typical butter knife is 7 inches long, meaning you need to imagine or place two end-to-end to get a better idea of how long 14 inches is.

9. Two Taper Candles

Have you seen the candles that couples place a top of their dinner tables to enhance their romantic experiences? They’re called taper candles and are usually long and cylindrical with a broad base and a conical tip. 

Taper candles have a standard length of about 7 inches. So, as you already know, to visualize 14 inches, you only need to imagine two taper candles on top of each other to realize the mark. 

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