8 Common Things That are 7 Centimeters Long

A calculator or a measuring tool will tell you that 7 centimeters is 0.23 feet or 2.76 inches.

That’s true. But not satisfactory as it’s nothing but a mathematical theory that won’t help you estimate the distance.

The easiest way to understand how long 7 centimeters is to compare it with something. It’s easy because it requires no measuring tools: only you and your practical and visual skills. 

And to make it even easier for you, this post explores 8 everyday objects and how you can use them to estimate lengths of 7 centimeters. 

Let’s get in!

8 Common Things That are 7 Centimeters Long

1. Half a Bic pen

BIC is an inexpensive ballpoint pen that has been on the market for 72 years. Produced in Hauts-de-Seine, France, by Société Bic of Clichy, BIC pens are available worldwide, and almost everyone has used or seen one as they’re popular among schoolers. 

You might have used a BIC pen, but have you ever bothered to know how long it is? Well, all BIC ballpoint pens are 14.9 centimeters long with the cap. That means to visualize how long 7 centimeters is, you imagine cutting one into two. 

Alternatively, you can reference cutting the pen into two with the cap removed, as it measures 13.94 centimeters. Of course, there’s a difference, but it’s so slight.

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2. Three US quarters

Formerly known as the quarter dollar, the US quarter dollar is a coin worth 25 cents or a quarter dollar, as it implies. 

Quarters are popular in the US as they’re the only acceptable coins in coin-operated machines such as candy machines, airport trolleys, dryers, and parking meters.

If you are stacking a few, you can add another use to them; as reference objects. 

According to the United States Mint, one quarter has a diameter of 2.43 centimeters, so lining up three in a row will add up to 7.29 centimeters, roughly the same distance we’re estimating.

3. Mini tart pan

A mini tart pan is a shallow, oblong or round tart pan with either fluted or smooth sides. It’s a smaller sibling of the tart pan. Mini tart pans are used to make tarts, sweet or savory dishes with a bottom crust, for individuals or two since they’re small. 

Most mini tart pans in many homes have a standard width of 7.62 centimeters. That’s slightly longer than our mark, but it gives you a better estimate.

Alternatively, since these pans are 2.54 centimeters high, you can visualize three on top of each other to realize that distance. 

4. US dollar bills

Something you can use to reference lengths could be lying in your wallet; a US dollar note.

Almost everyone has used or at least seen a US dollar bill, as they are popular, even outside the US. And if you’ve paid attention, all US dollar notes measure the same, as the government sliced the original ones in a bid to lower manufacturing costs in 1929. Since then, these bills have been 15.6 centimeters long and 6.6 centimeters wide.

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Visualizing the width of one note gives you a better idea of how long 7 centimeters is. In fact, when you round off the figure, you get a perfect estimate.

5. Wiffle ball

Wiffle ball is used in a miniature version of a baseball game, Wiffle Ball, and is played in confined spaces, indoors or outdoors. The sport has gained popularity since its inception, and there’s even a World Wiffle Ball Championship! 

According to the game regulations, the diameter of a whiffle ball should be 7.2 centimeters, which is 7 centimeters when you round off the figure. Even if you reference wiffle balls people use to play the sport for recreational purposes, you’d not be wide off the mark as they’re only millimeters longer than the standard ones.

6. Tennis ball

Tennis is a worldwide sport that involves two or four players striking a ball with rackets over a stretched net across the middle of the battleground. 

Since it’s a worldwide sport, chances you’ve interacted with the ball, either playing or giving it to the player after it has gone off the court in high school, are high. 

Either way, if you were keen enough, you must have noticed all tennis balls are almost of the same size, as, according to the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the diameter of a tennis ball must range from 6.54 – 6.86 centimeters for better control. If you’ve seen one, you only need your visual skills to understand how long 7 centimeters is, as that range is similar to the mark.

7. Cricket ball

As you already know, a cricket ball is used for playing cricket, a world-popular sport with over 2.5 billion fans. The sport is popular in many high schools worldwide, as it helps players develop several physical skills. 

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The size of cricket balls varies depending on the game level, i.e: men’s cricket, women’s cricket, and junior cricket for kids under 13 years.

That said, all cricket balls have a standardized diameter that ranges from 7.1-7.3 centimeters, so you can use any to understand how long 7 centimeters is.

8. Pickleball

A pickleball is a ball used in playing the Pickleball game, an outdoor or indoor sport that involves two players or a team of four players who strike the ball with a racket. It’s similar to tennis, only that it’s played on a smaller court which is the main distinguishing difference. 

Pickleball is not as popular as tennis, but you can use the balls for reference if you’ve seen them.

Like many balls, the size of pickleball varies. However, according to the official USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) rulebook, they’re all within the 7.3-7.5 centimeters range, which is just shy of the distance we’re trying to measure. 

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