9 Common Things That are 20 Meters Big

Are you looking to understand how big 20 meters is?

Using a calculator, you likely already know that 20 meters equal 65.61 feet or 21.87 yards.

But converting it into other units of measurement doesn’t help you understand how big 20 meters is. Does it? 

So how do you go about it?

We will show you exactly how in this post by looking at nine items that are approximately 20 meters big. If you can grasp the size of a few of these items, you’ll only need to visualize them next time you want to understand how big 20 meters is.

Ready? Let’s go!

9 Common Things That are Approximately 20 Meters Big

1. Two Type C School Buses 

School buses come in different sizes. The most popular of all is the type c buses, which are considered conventional. 

The name might be new to most people, but almost everyone is familiar with type c buses. Remember the one you saw at elementary school? That had the door behind the front wheel? And were annoyingly loud occasionally? If you can relate, you already know what we’re talking about. 

Type c buses are still there and are usually around 10.66 meters long. That means imagining two packed in a row gives you 21.32 meters, something close to our mark.

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2. Two Tennis Courts

Most people are familiar with tennis. And even if you’re not a fan, chances are at least you know a few things about the sport, such as the court where the game is played – after all, tennis is a worldwide popular sport with more than 87 million players. 

Tennis courts designed for doubles matches are generally wider than those intended for singles, measuring approximately 10.97 meters in width. So what do you get when you visualize two such courts side by side? The total width is roughly 21.94 meters, which is the size we are attempting to comprehend. 

Another way to look at it: since all tennis courts are usually 23.77 meters long, you can visualize that distance and subtract 3 meters (remember that one meter is about the width of a door frame).

3. Standard Semi-trailer Truck

A semi-trailer is a combination of a tractor unit and a semi-trailer. Since semi-trailer trucks are cost-effective when buying and reselling, they’re so common on the roads – if you could stand near a highway, minutes won’t pass before spotting one. 

A combination of a tractor unit and the semi-trailer measures about 19 – 21 meters long, making the vehicles perfect for understanding how big 20 meters is.

4. Ten Queen-size Mattresses

Currently, queen-size mattresses are the most popular in the United States because they can comfortably fit any needs, single active individuals, couples, and those who like enjoying their nights with kids or pets alongside. So chances are you’re familiar with them, and, in fact, there could be one lying in your bedroom! 

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All queen-size mattresses have a standard size and are usually 80 inches or roughly 2 meters long. Therefore, visualizing how big ten can get when arranged in a row length-wise gives you a precise idea of something 20 meters big.

5. Five Volkswagen Beetles

The Volkswagen Beetle is a car from Volkswagen that was discontinued in 2003, with the company citing low sales. But even before that, the United States had already banned the car’s sales. 

However, despite its problems, the Beetle didn’t get off most people’s minds, considering it holds the record for the most-produced car in history and its impact on American car culture. 

The Beetles are small-sized cars and measure about four meters. So if you can recall them, imagine five arranged in a row to get a sense of how big 20 meters is.

6. 10 Typical Full-size Sofas

Sofas, a common household item, offer a cozy respite after a long day of work and can be found in nearly every home. 

As you already know, sofas come in all sizes, but if you walk into a family home of at least three people, you’ll likely find some relatively big ones.

These full-size sofas range from 1.8 meters to 2.4 meters, but the most common are usually 2.1 meters long. So how many typical full-size sofas do you need to get an idea of something as big as 20 meters? Ten will give you 21 meters, which is not far from the mark.

7. Seven Recreational Kayaks

Kayaks are narrow, light watercraft with both ends tapered to a point to mimic canoes. They’re so common in Kenai Fjords, Alaska, United States, where people use them for adventure. 

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Most recreational kayaks are usually 10 feet long, which is why they’re perfect for understanding things that are 10 feet long. 

But with simple math, if you can arrange seven kayaks end to end, they will total 70 feet or 21.3 meters.

8. Two Volleyball Nets

If you’ve been to a volleyball match, you must be familiar with a volleyball net. They’re held by two poles at the center of the pitch to separate the teams. 

From end to end, all volleyball nets are 9.75 meters long, meaning imagining the length two would cover gives you something close to 20 meters, at 19.5 meters.

9. Ten Typical Front Doors

Nothing like an average door, as the size of a door depends on the size of the house.

That said, if you walk into most American homes, and even in other buildings, including schools, you’ll notice that most front doors are roughly the same size, about two meters.

So next time you want to understand how big 20 meters is, think of the length of ten front doors, and you won’t go wrong. 

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