10 Common Things That are 3 Feet Long

things that are 3 feet long

If someone were to ask you how long is 3 feet, your mind can go blank. In the quickest response, you may say 3 feet is as long as one yard or one meter, which is true.  But still, your answer is not satisfactory.  What if you could name several things that are 3 feet … Read more

8 Common Things That are 18 Feet Long

things that are 18 feet long

You may be aware that 18 feet equal 6 yards, 216 inches, or 5 meters. But can that help you picture how long is 18 feet? Hell no. That’s why the best way to approximate such a length is to use corresponding objects. And to help you out, we’ll explore 8 things that are 18 … Read more