13+ Common Things That Are 10 Feet Long (+Pics)

Do you want to understand how far is a 10 feet long, or are you determined to know the things you can relate with? 

Whether you are an engineer, in industry, or doing standard activities and are interested in understanding measurements, you are in the right place. There are things we can find in our localities that can help correctly describe 10 feet measurements.

In this article, we have incorporated some of the common things that are 10 feet long to help you understand more. Keep reading to uncover them and their relation.

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13+ Things That Are About 10 Feet Long

Here in this chapter, we shall look at some of the things you can relate to create an image of how long 10 feet can be to help you describe or make the correct assumption when measuring other things.

1. African Bush Elephant


If you are an animal lover and have come across an African bush elephant, you probably understand how long these species can grow. A fully grown African bush elephant can measure approximately 20-23 feet long. The other species grow less than the African bush elephant.

Therefore, half the length of this elephant is approximately 10-12 feet. If you can imagine this length, it can help you relate to what you are measuring. 

Never come near an African elephant; just observe their length from far. African elephants can be aggressive and dangerous to watch from a close distance.

2. Kubota MX6000 (4WD) Tractor 


The Kubota farm tractors are another example of things you can use to relate to a 10 feet long. These tractors are manufactured with a length of 10.48 feet. 

Other Kubota tractor models are slightly longer or lesser than the Kubota MX6000 (4WD), but most are almost similar in length. And if you can imagine these tractors’ length when measuring things, you are good to go. 

But when imagining their length, you should not include the shovel or anything attached to its body that tends to increase their length. The best way to memorize their length is to determine your footsteps.

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3. Four Stride Length


An easy way of memorizing a 10 feet long is counting the number of your stride lengths. The average stride length of a person is measured to be around 2.5 feet long. It means that four strides can measure approximately 10 feet long.

Some people have longer while others have shorter stride lengths. Therefore, it does not necessarily mean that the stride lengths should be the same for everybody. 

It’s wise to determine the number of your strides that can make a 10 feet long to come up with the correct approximation. To correctly make the strides wear something that does not interfere with your strides. And if you are to use the cloth, then use that when approximating your length. 

4. U-Haul Truck


Have you come across a U-Haul truck? Almost all the trucks used by the Uhaul company come in the standard of 10 feet long, while others can measure around 15 feet long. Uhaul company has become common in helping move house stationaries to other places. 

The Uhaul company is America’s leading do-it-yourself storage and moving company, and you may have come across one. Trucks from these companies are small and sizeable to keep some of the house’s common things like stationaries when relocating. 

The truck lengths can be an excellent fit to help describe measurements of 10 feet long on other things.

5. Trampoline


There are different trampoline sizes, but the most common you’ll likely come across is about 10 feet long. The 10 feet length is a diameter length, including the outer edges.

You can use this 10 feet diameter length to relate to your measurements. To correctly approximate the length, you should observe the diameter while standing at the edge of the circumference.

Although trampolines are fun to use, they are as well dangerous. They are only good for small children who cannot jump so high. But for adults, the 10 feet diameter trampoline is not fit. 

 6. Step Ladder


Have you ever come across a step ladder or own one? If not, then it’s time to have one. Step ladders help climb on top of roofs, especially if you want to repair.

There are many step ladders to select from in the market, but the most common ones are 10 feet long. And most probably, you have come across one. These step ladders are adjustable and easy to carry around.

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A 10-foot-long ladder is helpful in length approximation. If you correctly memorize the length, you can relate that when measuring other lengths.

7. Dog Leash


Do you love taking your dog out for a walk? If yes, then the common leash length you’ll likely pick is a 10-foot.  

Dog leashes come in many lengths, but the most common ones that are likely to come across are 10 feet long. If you are a dog owner, it becomes even easy to describe the length when relating to other things. 

Do not hold a leash without knowing if the pet is friendly. Some are aggressive when seeing their leash held by other people apart from their owners.

Holding the dog can help you make a look, and it can be easy to memorize the length when describing the lengths of other things. 

8. The Extra Long Ceiling TV Mount Bracket


These tools are adjustable in length and are ideal when installing TV on high ceilings. They extend 10 feet from the ceiling and have a full motion capability to help rotate 360 degrees for adaptability and comfortable environments. 

The VESA compatibility helps fit multiple screen grades regardless of the model; therefore, you’ll not need to buy other mounting brackets.

The Extra Long Ceiling TV Mount Bracket measures 10 feet long. This length is ideal, especially when relating to the measurement of other things like the length of a perimeter wall. 

9. Half the Size of the United States Presidential Car


Cadillac, commonly known as ‘’the Beast,’’ is the official presidential car in the United States. President William Howard Taft embraced it in the 20th century.

And if you’ve come across a presidential escort, you’ve probably seen one. The Beast is 20 feet long, meaning half its size measure 10 feet. 

Unused beasts are destroyed or dismantled to prevent the technology behind creating them from being known to other car manufacturers and third parties. 

10. Two Third, Mercedes-Benz M-Class


A Mercedes-Benz M-Class measures 15 feet long, and you may have come across one if you live in rich families. If you own one, then the work is simpler for you. 

This calculation calls for wisdom in mathematics to get the correct approximation in mind for the Mercedes-Benz M-Class. Two third lengths of 15 feet are 10 feet.

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Therefore, it is wise to use a reference tool like a rope to have an exact approximation of any length. Cut the rope to the exact measurement of the thing and use it when determining unknown measurements of other things.

11. Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree in your house makes the holiday complete. And if you want to enhance the beauty of your home during this time of the year, do not miss one.

Christmas trees are decorated with fruit-like ornaments and come in different sizes, with some reaching up to 10 feet in height. The look of these artificial trees every year makes you familiar with the height. So it becomes easy whenever you want to describe any 10 feet long measurement.

12. Two Park Benches


Park benches help act as temporary resting points for anyone visiting the parks. The average known length of these benches is 5 feet long. Meaning two of these benches aligned together measure 10 feet long.

The common material used to make the bench parks is timber, but you can also find them in metal or plastic. Their design depends on the manufacturer and sometimes differs in each park.

13. Alligator


Alligators are close relatives of crocodiles and belong to the reptiles family. They come in different varieties that differ in length, but the longest is the American alligator.

American alligators can grow up to 10 feet long. Unlike crocodiles, alligators rest with closed mouths and love spending most of their time in the water.

Alligators are very dangerous creatures; their saw-like arranged teeth can tear out flesh in a very short time. You cannot keep them as pets; the interesting feature is their long lifespan. American alligators can live to around 50 years.

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14. 8 Bowling Pins


The international standard of bowling pins is 15 inches high and 4.75 inches wide. So to make it 10 feet long, you need to arrange eight bowling pins on top of each other.

The length after stacking them will be 120 inches, approximately 10 feet long. If you love playing bowling, you can easily visualize the length.

Bowling is fun and also helps in making your body fit. You don’t need to be an expert; keep playing, and you’ll master the tricks.

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