14 Common Things That Are About 60 Feet Long (+Pics)

Are you curious about the length of 60 feet?

Maybe you’re asking, ‘How can I visualize 60 feet?’

If so, then you just clicked on the right page!

This post presents 14 things that are about 60 feet long to serve as reference points and help you visualize 60 feet effortlessly.

Regardless of your intentions; whether you are a measurements and dimensions enthusiast; a DIY enthusiast; or anyone interested in understanding the scale of 60 feet by visualization, these items can serve you well.

Let’s dive in!

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Things That Are About 60 Feet Long

1. A Bowling Lane

The worst thing about using a bowling lane as a reference point for 60 feet is that you must be a bowling player or a fan. Because that’s the only way you can relate to it. 

But the good news? It’s one of the perfect references for that measurement since it is precisely 60 feet long.

All you need to do is to recall the last bowling ball you saw rolling down a long, narrow lane knocking down pins arranged in a triangular formation at the far end. That lane the ball traveled on is 60 feet long.

2. 90 Bricks

Can you spot bricks around? Or are you familiar with them? 

Well, bricks are excellent reference points for small measurements starting with eight inches since they have standard sizes, depending on the country. 

In the United States, a standard brick is usually eight inches long (0.666667 feet).

So, if you can picture one, imagine as many as 90 arranged on a straight line end-to-end to get an impression of something 60 feet long.

3. Nine Queen-size Mattresses

Queen-size mattresses are known for providing superior sleeping comfort due to their size. You can sleep in any position and even share the bed with your pets for a cozy slumber.

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If you have one, it can be a comfortable way to visualize 60 feet since you don’t move away from your bedroom.

All you have to do is imagine a distance nine times the length of your comfort zone, as each queen-size mattress is 80 inches long (6.666667 feet).

Similarly, you can replace a queen-size mattress with a king-size one and visualize 60 feet since they have similar measurements.

4. Four Medium-sized Cars

Medium-sized cars are the most popular in many countries, including the United, since they balance affordability and fuel consumption. Even if you don’t own one, there’s a good chance you are familiar with them. 

Although the size of cars varies depending on the manufacturer and model, the difference is usually minimal in each segment.

Most medium-sized cars are approximately 16 feet long and can help you understand how long 60 feet is if you imagine four parked end-to-end.

5. Four Standard Canoes

Canoes have hacked a way of leaving a lasting impression on people’s lives. Just a thought of them, and you are there remembering paddling across calm lakes or rivers, exploring remote waterways, and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature.

And if you can picture how long these water vessels are, you are well-positioned to visualize a length of 60 feet.

Although the size may vary, a standard canoe is as long as a medium-sized car, approximately 16 feet long.

That means 60 feet is approximately the length of four standard canoes arranged end-to-end.

6. 6 Basketball Rims

A basketball rim is a circular metal structure positioned horizontally and suspended from a backboard.

The height of the rim is the perfect item for visualizing 10 feet since it is just as tall.

But it can also be reliable for relatively long measurements, like in our case here, due to the sport’s familiarity.

To visualize 60 feet, it is as long as the combined height of six basketball rims from the court.

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7. 10 American Males

If you’re an American male of average height, about 5.75 feet tall, interestingly, you can be a relatable way to visualize a distance of 60 feet. 

To do so, imagine as many as ten of you standing on top of each or lying down in a straight line. Also, you can picture a friend of yours similarly if they are average-sized.

8. Nine Standard Front Doors

Standard front doors are probably the most relatable way to visualize a length of 60 feet. I mean, isn’t almost everyone familiar with a front door? 

But before using them to determine measurements, confirm the standard size in your country, as the size of front doors varies from country to country. 

For example, they’re approximately 80 inches (6.666667 feet) tall in the United States.

So, 60 feet is approximately nine times tall than a standard front door in the United States.

9. Nine Standard 3-seater Sofas

A 3-seater sofa is a popular choice for many households due to its versatility and ability to allow multiple people to sit comfortably.

These sofas are slightly longer than a queen-size mattress and a standard front door, measuring approximately 84 inches or seven feet.

To visualize and understand how long 60 feet is, picture nine such sofas end-to-end.

10. 15 Love Seats

Can’t find a 3-seater sofa around? No worries!

A loveseat is an excellent choice, too. And better yet, love seats are more popular than 3-seater sofas due to their space-saving nature – although they’re associated with small apartments, you can find them in bedrooms in big homes.

Typically larger than an armchair but smaller than a standard sofa, most love seats are about 52 inches long (4.3 feet). That’s enough for a cozy and intimate seating option for couples or individuals who want to snuggle up closely.

If you can picture as many as 15 such seats, you wouldn’t worry about a length of 60 feet again.

11. Nine Artificial Christmas Trees

If you enjoy art and decorations and a visually appealing environment, chances are you have an artificial Christmas tree stored for use in the next Christmas holiday.

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If so, the tree could be just what you need to visualize 60 feet.

Although artificial Christmas trees come in different sizes, those designed for residential homes are usually about seven feet since most ceilings are approximately 10 feet high.

As such, 60 feet is approximately as long as the combined height of nine artificial Christmas trees.

12. A 6-story Building

The sizes of buildings can be an excellent way to understand different measurements because they follow general set standards depending on the country. 

For example, in the United, a standard 6-story building, whether an apartment or house, falls between 60 to 64 feet. So it can give you an impression of something about 60 feet tall.

13. 3 or 4 Giraffes

The only animals able to browse the leaves of tree tops, giraffes are the tallest animals in the Animal Kingdom. 

And as you can guess, males are tallest, about 18 feet, with females close at approximately 15 feet. Their legs and necks account for the animals’ height, as they span six feet! 

Regardless of where you have seen giraffes, either in Sub-Saharan African regions or in nature documentaries, the combined height of three male giraffes or four females can be an excellent way to visualize a distance of 60 feet.

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14. 120 US Banknotes

Although US banknotes are perfect references for visualizing measurements, we can all agree that they are a tedious way to determine a length of 60 feet. A dollar note is precisely 6.14 inches (about 0.5 feet) long, tiny, compared to 60 feet. 

That said, if time is on your side, and you’re fortunate to possess at least 120 US banknotes in any denomination, they can be fun and one of the most accurate ways to visualize 60 feet. 

To do so, arrange as many as 120 notes end-to-end on a flat surface.

And while at it, remember to place a small stone on them. Otherwise, your neighbors will thank you for your quest to understand 60 feet.

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