How Long is a Popsicle Stick? Dimensions and Average Sizes

Popsicles are a summer staple for cooling off during hot temperatures.

And when this period is about to start, around the end of June, you may be interested in knowing the ideal size of a popsicle stick so you can make yours at home.

If you have kids, it pays to know how long a popsicle stick is, as it’s crucial for their health and safety. You don’t want to make long ones and turn them into choking hazards. Instead, you should ensure they are sizeable enough to fit comfortably in their mouths. 

So, this post is a detailed overview of the size of popsicle sticks, where you’ll learn about their overall dimensions and average sizes. We will also touch on the size of mini popsicle sticks, jolly rancher popsicles, and jumbo popsicles. 

But before we start…

What is a Popsicle?

Popsicle is a brand name for a type of ice treat sold in the United States. The ice pops are typically made by freezing flavored drinks or fruit juice in a mold with a wooden stick attached for holding. The wooden handle prevents the ice from melting as fast during the hot summer months. 

The popsicle brand is not the sole seller of these ice pops. But interestingly, it has become so synonymous with them that every other ice pop made similarly but sold by other brands is always referred to as a popsicle. So, unless specified, from now henceforth, at least in this post, whenever we talk of popsicles, think of the ice pops in general but not the brand.

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Popsicle Stick Dimensions

The dimensions of a popsicle stick are typically 4.5 inches long, 0.4 inches wide, and 0.125 inches thick. 

That said, the precise dimensions of a Popsicle-brand popsicle stick can vary depending on the specific product and size of the ice pop. So these are general dimensions, and depending on your circumstances, you can go with your custom dimensions – and nobody would beat you up while at it. 

How many inches are in a Popsicle stick?

As mentioned, a typical popsicle stick is 4.5 inches long, 0.4 inches wide, and 0.125 inches thick. 

However, that’s not the rule of thumb, so you can use any measurements that best suit you. 

How Long is a Popsicle Stick?

A popsicle stick is usually 4.5 inches long, equivalent to the width of a typical men’s wallet or a regular roll of toilet paper. For more references, you can check out this post about things that are approximately four inches, so you won’t go wrong if you plan to make some at home.

How Many Centimeters are in a Popsicle Stick? 

If you’re not familiar with inches, like many people outside the United States, the measurements of a popsicle stick are best described in centimeters. 

So here you go; a standard popsicle stick, no matter the brand, measures 11.43 centimeters long by 1.016 centimeters wide and is 0.3175 centimeters thick.

What Size are Mini Popsicle Sticks?

Mini popsicle sticks can be ridiculously tiny. For example, the mini Mirrored Acrylic Cakesicle popsicle measures 70mm long, 10mm wide, and 3mm thick. 

Others, such as the Mini Length Wood Popsicle Sticks, measure 2.5 inches long by 0.375 inches high, while the Mini Wood Popsicle Sticks from Amazon lies in the middle, measuring 2.5 inches long and 0.4 inches wide. 

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Therefore, similarly to their relatively longer counterparts, mini popsicle sticks come in different sizes, so you choose which suits you. In general, they’re ideal if you want to make popsicles, especially for small kids.

The dimensions of a popsicle stick are typically 4.5 inches long, 0.4 inches wide, and 0.125 inches thick.

What is the Average Size of a Popsicle? 

An average-sized unconsumed popsicle is 5.8 inches long from the bottom of the stick to the top of the popsicle, is one inch wide, and has a depth of roughly one inch. 

Remember, these are averages and may vary depending on the specific product and the added features, such as the number of layers of ice – in some products, different brands may use multiple layers of ice.

How Long is a Jolly Rancher Popsicle? 

Jolly rancher popsicles are approximately 3.5 inches (8.9 centimeters) long and weigh from 1 oz to 5.5 oz, depending on the product.

However, similarly to regular popsicles, there’s no standard size for these snacks, and you can find them in varying lengths. For example, the Sonic Freezer Bars are one of the longest, at 8.6 inches.

How Long is a Jumbo Popsicle Stick? 

Most jumbo popsicle sticks are typically six inches long. 

However, if you have noticed the trend with all popsicles and sticks, they don’t have a standard measurement – it all depends on the specific product and the manufacturer. For example, the Laser Engraved Popsicle Stick, probably the smallest, is 4.48 inches long.

Can Craft Sticks be Used for Popsicles?

Yes, you can use craft sticks to make popsicles! In fact, craft sticks are a common choice for making homemade popsicles because they are cheaply available, and you don’t worry about them breaking when you put them in the freezer. Remember, most of them are made of birchwood, which makes the popsicle sticks you find at the store and among street vendors.

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To use craft sticks in your DIY projects, first, ensure they are food safe to avoid contamination. If they pass the safety test, follow the following simple steps;

Step 1

Pour your mixture, say fruit juice, into a popsicle mold, ensuring you leave a little space at the top for expansion. 

Step 2 

Place your craft sticks upright and at the center of each compartment. 

Step 3

Put the popsicles into a freezer until they become solid. 

Step 4

Run the popsicle mold under relatively warm water for about five seconds to help release the popsicle.

The Takeaway

Popsicles are popular treats for children as well as adults.

Most of which you find in stores and with street vendors are usually about six inches long, ideal for the general public. 

But if you want yours customized, it takes a matter of minutes to make at home, so long as you follow the steps we’ve outlined in this post to a tee. 

The good thing about making yours at home is you decide everything, from colors to flavors to the size of your popsicles. Even better, you’ll enjoy the feel-good factor of making your own candy! 

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