How Long is 50 Yards? 15 Common Comparisons (+Pics) 

Understanding the length of 50 yards is essential in various contexts, from sports and construction to everyday measurements around the home. 

To help you grasp the practical significance of this distance, we’ve compiled 15 insightful comparisons that make 50 yards relatable and easy to visualize. 

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a DIY enthusiast, or simply curious about measurements, these relatable references will give you a solid sense of what 50 yards means.

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Read on to find what suits your pursuits the best from these everyday comparisons.

15 Common Comparisons For 50 Yards

Fifty yards is equivalent to approximately 45 meters or 150 feet. 

While it might not be a part of everyday conversations for everyone, it is a standard unit of measurement widely used, especially in the United States and other countries where imperial units are still prevalent. 

It’s comparable to the following items.

1. Half an American Football Field

American football fields are everyday references for relatively long distances due to the sport’s popularity in the country.

The area between the two end zones (the areas at each end of an American football field, located between the goal line and the end line) is 100 yards long, making it a common comparison for 100 yards.

Half of that distance is thus 50 yards long.

2. Half a Soccer Field

You might be unaware, but not all soccer fields are equal. 

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However, the difference is usually minimal, with most averaging about 100 meters (109 yards) since they must adhere to regulations set by UEFA and FIFA – the sport’s governing bodies. 

That means half a soccer field is close to 50 yards.

3. 6 Soccer Goals

On the same page of football, you can alternatively use the soccer goal to understand the extent of 50 yards.

The same bodies regulating soccer field sizes extend their hands to soccer goals, ensuring they’re all eight yards wide and 2.4 meters tall.

So, visualize six soccer goals placed side by side as they are only two yards shy of 50 yards. 

4. 1 & ½ Basketball Courts

Basketball courts and their specific measurements are excellent references for various distances in basketball-related conversations.

A standard basketball court, as defined by the National Basketball Association, is usually around 29 meters (32 yards) long.

Therefore, using that as the benchmark to visualize 50 yards, picture two basketball courts placed end-to-end and imagine cutting either into half.

5. 15 Basketball Hoops

Also known as the goal or the basket, a basketball hoop is a vertical hoop with a net suspended from a metal ring. It provides another perspective for visualizing a distance of 50 yards in a basketball-related context.

In professional basketball, the hoop is 10 feet (or 3.3 yards) tall from the court. 

Now, visualize that height 15 times to understand how long 50 yards spans.

6. 2 Tennis Courts

Ignoring minor variations between courts, tennis courts, whether for single or double matches, are usually 78 feet (approximately 26 yards) long as their dimensions are regulated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). 

Hence, 50 yards is approximately twice as long as a standard tennis court.

7. An Olympic-sized Swimming Pool

An Olympic-sized swimming pool is an excellent way to understand different lengths since they have standard sizes, as defined by the International Swimming Federation (FINA).

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They are all 50 meters long. And while this is slightly longer than 50 yards by 4 yards, it provides a close reference for visualization for that length.

8. Half a Rugby Field

Rugby pitches are well-marked and widely recognized, making them a practical reference point for understanding distances, especially for those familiar with the sport.

From goal line to goal line, these fields range from 103 to 109 yards, meaning half that distance is approximately 50 yards.

9. Half a 100-meter Dash

100-meter dashes are captivating events for sports enthusiasts worldwide. They showcase the pinnacle of human speed and athleticism.

As the name implies, 100-meter dashes are 100 meters (109 yards) long, making them common comparisons for 100 meters.

Half that distance can also be an excellent way to understand how long 50 yards as the slight difference (of only four yards) is negligible for most practical purposes. 

10. 2 & ½ Cricket Pitches

For the few cricket enthusiasts in amateur leagues in the United States, a cricket pitch is an excellent way to understand different measurements, including 50 yards.

As regulated by the International Cricket Council (ICC), a cricket pitch is usually 22 yards long.

Hence, 50 yards is approximately two and a half times as long.

11. 60 Human Footsteps

The length of an average person’s footstep can vary widely based on the individual’s height, gait, and other factors. 

But on average, it’s approximately 2.5 feet long, according to the University of Iowa. 

So, it would take 60 footsteps, each measuring 2.5 feet (0.83 yards), to cover a distance of 50 yards, according to the University of Iowa’s findings.

12. 22 Queen-size Mattresses

Queen-size mattresses are the most popular in the market. They are spacious and comfortable, making them go-to mattresses for many individuals and couples. If you value space while sleeping or like the company of your pets, you may have one at home.

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These mattresses are among the largest, measuring approximately 2 meters (about 2 yards) long.

While they are perfect references for small lengths such as 2 meters, you can use them to get a sense of 50 yards.

To do so, visualize the distance roughly equivalent to 22 queen-size mattresses placed end to end.

13. 22 Front Doors

You can apply a similar method as with queen-size mattresses to front doors to understand how long 50 yards spans. 

While front door dimensions vary based on preferences and country, the standard size in many regions, like the United States, is about 80 inches (approximately 2.2 yards) long, similar to a queen-size mattress.

14. 9 Midsize Sedans

Midsize sedans are a practical choice for individuals and families seeking a comfortable, fuel-efficient, and reasonably priced vehicle with a good mix of features and performance.

They’re usually larger than compact cars but smaller than full-size sedans, measuring approximately 16 feet (about 5.3 yards) long. Some examples in that length bracket include the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Chrysler 300, and Nissan Altima.

So, visualize nine midsize sedans parked in a straight line bumper to bumper to get a sense of 50 yards.

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15. 4 Type C School Buses

Type C school buses are characterized by their conventional design, with a flat, front-engine configuration, and with the driver’s seat above the front wheels. They’re everyday sights on highways and roads.

The length of these buses depends on the manufacturer, but on average, they are about 36 feet (12 yards) long, bumper to bumper. 

Therefore, picture four Type C school buses placed end-to-end. That’s approximately 50 yards.

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