10 Common Things That Are 300 Feet Long

Things that are 300 feet long are just what you need if you’re looking to estimate a distance of 300 feet. 

While this comparison might not be 100% accurate, it provides a visual and experiential reference point, helping you conceptualize the distance without relying solely on measuring tools. 

Therefore if you want to understand how long 300 feet is, in this article, we’ve assembled ten objects many people are familiar with to help you visualize the length in a practical and relatable way. 

Let’s read on.

10 Common Things That Are 300 Feet Long

1. One and a Half Hockey Rink

A hockey rink is, essentially, a rectangular surface where ice hockey is played. The sport is found at all levels, including youth, high school, college, and professional – the NHL

And according to the NHL, all hockey rinks have a standard length of 200 feet, making them a perfect reference for various measurements, including 100 feet long distances – you only need to picture a half of it. 

And if you can picture two and then imagine cutting one equally, they would cover a distance of 300 feet.

2. American Football Field

American football is one of the most widely followed and watched sports in the United States, with a large and dedicated fan base from schools to professional leagues. 

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The entire American football field is 120 yards long, including the end zones, the areas at either end of the pitch where scoring happens).

However, if you exclude the end zones, the space between the two opposing teams, known as field of play, is a rectangular turf measuring 100 yards long (300 feet).

3. Five Volleyball Courts

Similarly to American football, volleyball is highly popular and widely followed in the United States, so it is likely that you are also familiar with a basketball court.

All courts for schools and professional leagues usually span 59 feet long. That means if you can picture five arranged end to end, they would cover approximately 300 feet long.

4. Nine Volleyball Nets

You can use another volleyball facility, the net, to understand how long 300 feet is. The net spans 32 feet long, dividing the court into twenty equal parts. 

If you can picture as many as nine such nets end to end, they would be only 12 feet shy of the 300 feet mark.

5. Four Tennis Courts

Tennis might not be as popular as American football or volleyball, but it boasts a significant following in the United States – so the courts are found countrywide. 

Per International Tennis Federation (ITF) regulations, these courts are usually 78 feet long. 

So if you are familiar with them, imagine the distance four would cover if placed in a row end to end. They would go beyond the 300 feet mark by only 12 feet, so they’re still reliable references.

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6. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in the United States. Most famous for being a symbol of democracy and freedom, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. 

The statue is 151 feet tall but stands on a pedestal standing 154 feet tall. Therefore the height of the whole sculpture adds up to 305 feet, not far from the 300 feet mark.

7. Eight Type c School Buses

Also known as conventional school buses, type c school buses are the usual buses with a truck-like body you usually see on roads transporting students to and from school or other educational activities.

These buses typically have a seating capacity of up to 72 passengers and measure around 36-40 feet in length. Imagine placing eight of them in a straight line, end to end, and they would span approximately 300 feet.

8. Six Step-deck Trailers

Step-deck trailers are flatbed trailers designed with lower deck height in the front and rear sections. They’re often used to transport high-height freight and bulky items, including vehicles, steel structures, and machinery. 

These trailers are everyday sights on highways, and although their sizes depend on the manufacturer, they all fall between 48-53 feet long. That means six placed end to end would cover a distance as long as 300 feet.

9. Five Bowling Lanes

A bowling lane is a long, narrow, flat surface made of polished wood or synthetic materials used in bowling. Bowling is played by people of all ages and skill levels, so chances are you’re familiar with the lanes. 

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Bowling lanes are one of the perfect reference items measuring 30 feet since they have a standard length of 60, as you only need to picture half of one. 

You can also use them as references for things that are 300 feet by envisioning the distance five would cover.

10. Missouri State Capitol

The Missouri State Capitol is a prominent landmark in Jefferson City, Missouri. It’s the center of Missouri’s state government and is famous for its historical significance and distinctive dome. 

The building stands 437 feet long and is 300 feet wide in the center.

Therefore, if you have been around the landmark, visualizing its width at the center can be an excellent way to understand how a distance of 300 feet looks like.

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