10 Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long (With Pictures)

If you’re looking to understand how long 20 centimeters is, these things that are 20 centimeters long are just what you need.

While you can be more accurate with measuring tools, comparing measurements to familiar objects has been an effective method of understanding different sizes.

DIY enthusiasts use this method. Those without measuring instruments use this method. Those looking for general information use this method. So why can’t you also use the same method? – and probably, chances are you belong to one of these groups. 

The good news is we’ve included everyday and household items – alongside their pictures – you can visualize in a blink.

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So let’s read on.

10 Common Things That Are 20 Centimeters Long

1. A USA-standard Brick

Bricks are rectangular blocks made of clay or other materials used mainly for construction. Even the house you live in, chances are it is made with bricks, and you can see them if it’s not plastered. 

These bricks vary in size from country to country, and in the United States, the standard length is eight inches or 20.32 centimeters.

So if you can visualize the last brick you saw, it can be a perfect reference for things that are 20 centimeters long, as that extra 0.32 centimeter is not a worthy deal breaker.

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2. A Standard Pencil

Also called the No. 2 pencil, a standard pencil is something you deserve beating if you can’t picture its size. I mean, you used it for years during your days at elementary school, high school, and even in university or college.

Well, this pencil hasn’t changed, at least in measurements. It’s usually 7.5 inches long (19.05 centimeters). Only 0.95 centimeters short of the 20 centimeters mark, so it’s a reliable reference.

3. Three and a Half US Dollar Notes

Although they’re not the most popular mode of payment in the United States, the US banknotes are popular, with almost everyone carrying them around.

These notes are perfect references for small measurements, as, besides being household items, they have standard sizes. We’ve used them as references in several posts here at Measuringly.com – last time when discussing things that are 25 inches long. And we won’t hesitate to use them again. 

They are all equal, measuring 6.14 inches long and 2.25 inches wide, regardless of the denomination. So if you can arrange four width-wise in a row end, and then imagine cutting one at either end into half, they would be precisely 20 centimeters long.

4. Eight US Quarters

The US quarter is another item from the United States currency system that’s a perfect reference item for various small measurements, such as 10 inches, similar to its paper brother, the banknote. They’re the most preferred in coin-operated machines, so chances are you have some reserved for those small transactions. 

These US quarters have a diameter of 2.4257 centimeters (0.955 inches), meaning if you can arrange eight side by side, they would be only 0.5944 centimeters shy of the 20 centimeters mark.

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5. Four Businesses Cards

A business card is a small, printed card carrying crucial information about an individual, such as a name, job title, contact information, and company name. They are often exchanged in business-related forums, including trade shows and networking events. 

These business cards might be tiny, only 5.08 centimeters wide, but they come in handy in understanding how long 20 centimeters is if you play your cards right.

Playing cards right means arranging four side by side width-wise, as they stretch past our mark by only 0.32 centimeters.

6. A Tennis Ball

A tennis ball is a small, spherical, typically bright yellow ball covered with a felt-like material. It’s used to play tennis, a relatively popular sport, and recreational activity in the United States. 

Tennis balls are not equal, but they all fall between 6.54-6.86 centimeters. That means each has a circumference of approximately 20 centimeters. 

So to create something measuring 20 centimeters, wrap a piece of string around the ball’s circumference, and mark the point of the string where it meets its end with a pen or a marker. That distance will be precisely 20 centimeters.

7. Eleven Dimes

A dime is a small, thin, circular coin used in everyday small transactions. Despite its low face value, it battles the US quarter for acceptance in coin-operated devices. 

The dime is the smallest coin in the United States, with a diameter of only 1.7907 centimeters. But if you can arrange eleven side by side, they would be only 0.31 centimeters shy of the 20 centimeters mark.

8. Two Standard Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet papers are must-haves for every household, hence perfect reference materials as everyone is familiar with them and can picture their size. 

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Although they come in different sizes, the width of a standard toilet paper roll size is roughly 10 centimeters. So go and cut two pieces, and arrange them width-wise to understand how long 20 centimeters is.

9. A Half Bowling Pin

A bowling pin is a bottle-shaped item with two rings at the neck used in bowling. 

All bowling pins are strictly 15 inches long (19.1 centimeters), as we saw when discussing things that are 30 inches long. However, they are solid references for smaller measurements, like our case here.

To get an idea of what 20 centimeters looks like, visualize the half height of one bowling pin – it’s only 0.95 centimeters shy of the target.

10. An Adult Toothbrush

The oral hygiene tools we use daily to clean teeth, gums, and tongue can also double up as reference items if you want to understand different measurements for your projects. 

And as you probably know, toothbrushes come in different sizes, but the average size is approximately 20 centimeters for adults. 

So next time you want to conceptualize 20 centimeters, you can visualize the last one you used – if you’re an adult.

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