9 Common Things That Are About 2 Centimeters Long (+Pics)

Looking to understand how long 2 centimeters is? You just clicked on the right page! 

Something measuring 2 centimeters long is considered tiny. So tiny that you can hold it in your hand without others noticing! 

Such items are prone to get lost, causing a significant challenge when searching because they are hard to see without magnification or close inspection. And to make matters worse, they can easily blend in with the surroundings or become lodged between other objects, especially if they have a similar color or texture.

To give you a perspective of how tiny that measurement is, we’ll look at nine things that are 2 centimeters long. From drawing pins to sugar cubes, they include everyday items you find at home or in other settings.

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List of Things That Are 2 Centimeters Long

Two centimeters is equivalent to 0.8 inches or 0.07 feet, or 0.02 meters. The following items can help visualize how long it is.

1. A Drawing Pin

Also known as a push pin or thumbtack, a drawing pin is a small object with a sharp metallic point and a flattened head made of plastic, metal, or even decorative materials like glass or wood. 

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Drawing pins are commonly used in settings such as schools and offices for temporarily displaying lightweight items such as papers and posters by fastening them on bulletin boards, walls, cork boards, and other surfaces. 

Drawing pins are usually a quarter of an inch long (about two centimeters), so they are reliable if you want an impression of 2 centimeters.

2. An Almond

Almonds are found in most homes worldwide, including in the United States, thanks to their health benefits. They’re rich in protein, making them readily available snacks, especially for muscle chasers. 

Almonds are tiny, measuring approximately two centimeters and weighing about one ounce.

So they’re perfect references for two centimeters and other tiny lengths and lightweight measurements such as one gram and 30 grams.

3. Diameter of a Nickel

Nickels are frequently used in everyday transactions, particularly for small purchases such as paying for parking meters and laundry or when exact change is needed. They’re also common among coin collectors who often keep many in jugs. 

If you’ve one idling in your coin jar or drawer, it can be a perfect way to understand how long 2 centimeters are since they have a diameter of 2.1 centimeters.

4. Diameter of a US Cent

The cent is the smallest unit of currency in the US monetary system. And despite its diminishing value, the cent is still in circulation, commonly used for pricing goods and services and in coin-operated machines, similar to its sibling nickel. 

The cent is the smallest coin, with a diameter of 1.905 centimeters. It could be just what you need to visualize two centimeters.

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5. Thickness of 11 Quarter Dollars

The US quarter is probably the most common coin in circulation in the country, and chances are you have some reserved for your next shopping trip. They’re used in similar transactions but are the most preferred due to their high value. 

US quarters have a diameter of 2.4 centimeters. And while that may still be a reliable reference for 2 centimeters, you can be more accurate by looking at the thickness. Each is 0.175 centimeters thick, so you need to pile up as many as eleven.

6. Thickness of 3 No. 2 Pencils

No. 2 pencils are the standard pencils used in elementary school. You can also find them in many homes, especially among individuals who like drawing and sketching.

Standard pencils are about 7.5 inches tall, and, so, due to their ease of accessibility and familiarity, they are reliable references for various small measurements, including 30 inches using their height. 

You can also use them to understand two centimeters and other miniature lengths with their thickness as your guide.

They’re usually 0.8 centimeters thick, so you need three to give you 2.4 centimeters, which is close enough. 

7. Height of Four Glass Bottle Caps

Glass bottle caps are ubiquitous everyday items you’ll frequently encounter, whether it’s at home or scattered on the bustling streets. Due to their familiarity, they can be reliable references for tiny measurements, like in our case here. 

The dimensions of glass bottle caps can vary depending on the specific design and purpose. But generally, the height is around 5.5 mm (0.55 centimeters). 

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Therefore, if you stack four such caps, they would give you approximately 2 centimeters.

8. Diameter of Two AAA Batteries

AAA batteries are used to power numerous everyday electronics, such as remote controls, portable radios, flashlights, digital cameras, wireless computer mice, you name them. 

AAA batteries are cylindrical and have a standardized size, with a height of 44.5 millimeters and a diameter of 10.5 millimeters (1.05 centimeters).

So, the combined diameter of two is a perfect reference for two centimeters.

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9. Edge Length of Two Sugar Cubes

Sugar cubes are compressed blocks of refined sugar. They provide a convenient and measured way to sweeten hot beverages such as tea and coffee.

Their usability worldwide has somewhat declined, but if you can remember their size, they can be reliable references for small measurements.

Each sugar cube measures 1 cm on each side. So, to understand how long two centimeters is, picture two sugar cubes together.

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