9 Common Things That are 19 Feet Long

Want to understand how long is 19 feet? 

Already you know when you convert that length to other units, say meters or yards, it doesn’t help. True?

Well, there’s a way out. With items that equal or are roughly 19 feet, you can easily understand that length without much hassle by visualizing. 

And the best part?

In this post, you’ll not only learn about these items but also how you can use them for reference whenever you want to get a sense of how long 19 feet is.

Ready? Let’s go!

9 Common Things That are Roughly 19 Feet Long

1. Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is a midsize luxury coach, a legendary unit of a car built by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in 2021. Priced at $28 million, the beast is one of the most expensive street-legal cars. 

A few have come face to face with the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, as, like other expensive luxury cars, it is made in limited production.

But if you’re lucky to have spotted it, it’s perfect for referencing lengths of 19 feet, as it measures 5.8 meters or 19.03 feet long from bumper to bumper.

2. Standard 2-story Building

Due to the ever-growing human population, story buildings are now everywhere, even in small towns and rural areas. So unlike the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, almost everyone knows what we’re talking about. 

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In most cases, a 2-Story building is usually a family home, and although all are not the same size, the difference is subtle.

Under the UK and US standards, a typical 2-story building falls between 18-20 feet tall. So to get a picture of how long 19 feet is, imagine how long is such a building when lying down. 

And staying in story houses, the average size of a 1-story building in most places is between 9-10 feet, meaning imagining two will give you something close to your desired mark.

3. Six Hockey Sticks

Hockey is among the most popular sports globally, with more than one million players, including students in high schools. 

And if you’ve been to a hockey match or have watched the sport on TV, you must have seen a long stick curved at one side, which the players use to strike the ball. True? 

It’s known as a hockey stick, and while they come in different sizes, the majority are usually 3 feet long. Therefore, to get a sense of how long 19 feet is, you need to visualize six hockey sticks arranged end to end. They add up to 18 feet, but you can add a quarter hockey stick at the end to get a rough idea.

4. Two Basketball Hoops

If you’ve been to a basketball match, either as a player or a spectator, you must have seen the circular metal ring (sometimes with a hanging net) through which players pass the ball to score points. It’s called a basketball hoop, and it must be 10 feet tall from the ground, according to NBA regulations

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Therefore, using the height of a basketball hoop to understand how long 19 feet is, you need to picture two and remove a foot from either end. One foot is roughly the size of a human arm, from the tip of the little finger to the tip of the shoulder.

5. A Quarter of a Tennis Court

With about 87 million players globally, tennis is among the most popular sports. So chances are high that you’ve seen a tennis court, the rectangular battleground for the sport. 

All tennis courts have a standard length of 77.98 feet, as it’s a requirement by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), meaning a quarter is 19.4 feet. So when you want to know how long 19 feet is, imagine how long is a quarter tennis court.

6. Three Medium Loveseats

Also known as a British two-seater, a loveseat is a typical sofa, but it has space for only two sitting individuals. 

Loveseats are common in many households, and while they’re meant for two, they come in different sizes. You can find small 52-inch loveseats, full 64-inch loveseats, and 58-inch loveseats, which we’re interested in here. 

Arranging three medium-sized loveseats arm to arm gives you 232 inches, or 19.33 feet, which is only inches away from our mark.

7. A Half Weeping Willow

A weeping willow is a tree that got its name from its low-hanging branches and sagging leaves that make the tree look sad and crying. The tree is native to the dry areas of Asia, especially China, but has been introduced to Europe and the Southeastern regions of the United States. 

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A weeping willow grows to a height of about 40 feet to maturity, so imagining half of it can give you a rough idea of how 19 feet is. You can know if it’s mature if it has rough bark.

8. Fourteen Metal Hangers

Almost every household has hangers in their wardrobe. They help organize closets and allow quick access to clothes. 

Metal hangers are the most common because they are inexpensive compared to their wooden counterparts.

But have you ever wondered how long they are? Well, for a long time, the average length of a metal hanger has been 17 inches, but 44 inches when stretched. 

That means you need to arrange fourteen length-wise to get 232 inches or roughly 19 feet. Alternatively, you can stretch five to get a long wire of 18 feet, close to the distance we’re trying to measure.

9. Standard Ceiling

Ceiling height varies depending on many factors, such as the type of the building, its functionality, and geographical location.

That said, in the 21st century, the standard height of ceilings for most homes is about 9 feet, but you can add or minus one foot. 

So next time you want to get a sense of how long 19 feet is, think of how high would two ceilings of a typical house be. 

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