8 Everyday Things That are 13 Inches Long

Thirteen inches is equivalent to 33.02 centimeters or 1.08 feet.

As you can see, it’s such a small size that you can measure using a measuring tool, say a tape.

But in the event you don’t have a measuring tool?

That’s when 13-inch items come in handy.

And in this post, you’ll learn eight examples of everyday things equal to or approximately 13 inches long. 

When you familiarize yourself with a few of these items, you’ll only need to picture their size to get a sense of how long 13 inches is.

Let’s dive in! 

8 Common Things That are 13 Inches Long

1. MacBook Air M2 

Apple’s MacBook Air M2 is a popular laptop among students thanks to being super powerful, incredibly thin, and thus easy to carry around. 

While the MacBook Air M2 measures 11.97 inches long, its display size is 13.6 inches long, a little past our mark, but what a great reference point! 

And remember, as with all laptops and smartphones, the display size is measured diagonally from the lower right-hand corner to the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 

Meanwhile, MacBook Pro 13 has a 13.3-inch screen display. It’s not so common, but you can reference it if you’re familiar with it.

2. Side Plate

Common in many homes, a side plate is a relatively small plate used for everything from serving food as part of a formal place setting to placing napkins on the dinner table for hygiene purposes. 

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Side plates come in different styles. They can be oval, round, or other shapes, but one thing most have in common is their size.

They usually have a diameter of between 6-7 inches, so if you’re familiar with them, you can visualize two to give you something about 13 inches long.

3. Thirteen Bottle Caps 

Bottle caps are everyday items in the US, widely used to seal bottles for various liquids, including water, soda, beer, and other beverages. In fact, if you could look around the home, you’re likely to find a few! 

Bottle caps vary in size depending on the quantity of liquid a bottle holds. That said, a standard bottle (that holds 12 fluid ounces) has caps measuring about 1.02 inches in diameter.

So what would you get if you arranged thirteen end-to-end? 13.6, just slightly past our mark.

4. Four Debit Cards

Debit cards are the most popular mode of payment in the US and globally. You use them almost on a daily basis, whether you’re purchasing groceries or withdrawing cash from ATMs. 

And as you might have realized, all debit cards measure the same, 3.37 long by 2.125 inches wide.

So if you can picture four in a row end to end, you’ll get 13.48 inches, slightly past our mark but close enough to give you a better understanding of how long 13 inches is. 

5. 14 US Quarters

US quarters are one of the most commonly used coins in the United States. In fact, you likely have several handy.

Even if you don’t have any right now, you can picture their size as you use them often.

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And like debit cards, all US quarters are identical and equal, measuring 0.955 inches. So, visualizing fourteen placed end to end will give you 13.37 inches.

6. Six Pool Balls

Pool games are popular in the US and are available in several places, including billiards and pool halls, pubs and clubs, and recreational centers such as YMCAs. 

Whether you play pool competitively or for fun in a pub or bar, you are likely familiar with pool balls and can envision their size within a blink.

The regulation standard diameter of these balls is 2.25 inches, meaning six arranged in a row can give you a better understanding of 13 inches, as they total 13.5 inches.

7. Ten Paperclips

Paperclips are small devices, often shaped like loops, used to bind together multiple sheets of paper or documents, such as letters, memos, and reports. They are commonly found in offices, schools, and homes, so you are likely familiar with them. 

Paperclips come in various sizes, but the most common is 1.37 inches long. So if you’ve some at home or in the office, you can arrange ten in a row to understand how 13 inches, as they add up to 13.7 inches. 

8. Eight Golf Balls

Even if you don’t play golf, chances are you’re familiar with the size of golf balls, as the game is a popular leisure activity and a competitive sport in the United States. 

All golf balls measure roughly the same, with all golf equipment manufacturers adhering to 1.68 inches as the standard diameter.

That means visualizing the distance eight golf balls would cover is a better way of understanding how long 13 is, as they add up to 13.44 inches.

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