9 Common Things That are 12 Feet Long (With Pictures)

Are you curious about things that are 12 feet long? 

Many objects span that length, although most achieve the measurement when you view them as a collection. 

And in this post, we’ll explore nine such objects, from rulers to hockey nets to submarine sandwiches.

So whether you want to understand how long 12 feet is as a curious learner… 

Or a trivial buff…

Or you’re just looking for general information to share with friends… 

This post will expand your knowledge.

So, read on!

9 Things That are 12 Feet Long

1. 12 Long School Rulers

Rulers are universally known as they’re a part of elementary education, which almost everyone has gone through. 

Apart from the usual uses of the rulers, they are excellent reference points for different measurements since they have a standard size.

The long ones, usually marked up to 30 centimeters, are one foot long. If you can visualize twelve placed end-to-end on the ground, you would have a 12-foot-long ruler.

2. Eighteen US-standard Bricks

Bricks are items you don’t have to visit a construction site or a store to find; you can find them in homes with gardens, and probably the house you live in is built with bricks and are visible if it’s not plastered. 

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The size of these bricks changes from country to country, and in the United States, eight inches (0.67) is the standard length of the common brick you know. 

Therefore, if you can arrange eighteen such bricks in a row end to end, you’d end up with a 12-feet long brick.

3. Twelve 2-liter Soda Bottles

2-liter soda bottles are popular for soft drink consumption in the United States. You can find them in different settings, including at home, parties and gatherings, restaurants, and fast food joints. 

A 2-liter bottle has a standard length of 1.03 feet, regardless of the shape. So, if you can lay twelve end-to-end on the ground, they would be approximately 12 feet long. 

4. Ten Ten-pin Bowling Pins

A ten-Pin bowling pin is a white bottle-shaped object made of wood, rubber, or plastic used as a target in bowling. 

At measuringly.com, we have used ten-pin bowling pins as a reference for things measuring approximately 15 inches since they all have a length of 15 inches (1.25 ft) according to the game’s standards. 

And if you were to lay ten end to end, they’d pass the 12 feet mark by only 0.5 feet.

5. Four Tennis Nets

You can play around with a tennis net to get a sense of a 12-foot object. The sport is popular in high schools, universities, or amateur leagues, so chances are you’re familiar with the nets. 

According to the tennis rules, all tennis nets must be 3 feet and six inches at the ends and three feet high in the middle. Four tennis nets placed on top of each other would give you precisely 12 feet at the center.

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6. Two Hockey Goals

The dimensions of hockey goals are excellent for comparing lengths. In fact, they’d be perfect references for things measuring six inches.

A typical hockey goal is 72 inches wide (six feet), 48 inches (three feet) high, and 40 inches deep. These are the standard dimensions for most hockey levels, including high school hockey, NCCA, and the NHL.

Therefore, if you can visualize how long two hockey goals can be, you’d have painted a 12-foot-long item in your mind. Another way to look at it to achieve 12 feet is by picturing three such goals on top of each other.

7. Two California Mattresses

California mattresses, also known as Cali King, are ideal for couples or individuals who prefer a spacious sleeping space, especially those as tall as six feet. 

These mattresses are the biggest of all, measuring 84 inches long and 72 inches (six feet) wide. Because of their familiarity and having standard sizes, they are easy culprits if you want to understand different measurements, such as six feet

And in our case, you need to arrange two width-wise to realize a 12-foot-long mattress.

8. Twelve King-size Submarine Sandwiches

King-size submarine sandwiches are tantalizing treats consisting of bread or a long roll filled with various cuts, vegetables, cheese, and condiments. They are sold countrywide in delis, cafes, and fast-food restaurants. 

These submarines are the largest, usually 12 inches (one foot) long. Arrange twelve end to end, and you’ll have one gigantic submarine measuring 12 feet long.

9. A Basketball Hoop Plus Two Long School Rulers

A basketball hoop is a circular metallic ring with a hanging net and is attached to a board in a basketball goalpost. 

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We have used this structure as a reference point in our blogs to conceptualize different measurements, since they are familiar, and better yet, all have a standard height of ten feet. The ones you see at high school, in the NBA, in amateur leagues, and in streets are usually ten feet long. 

If you can picture their height from the ground, then imagine adding two long school rulers, you’d have a great reference point for something as long as twelve feet.

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