How Long is 10 Miles? 13 Common Comparisons (+Pics)

10 miles is a considerable distance, often used for measuring running or cycling routes.

It’s approximately 16 kilometers – a challenging adventure but a feat well within reach, whether walking, running or cycling.

In this post, we’ll help visualize the distance of 10 miles by comparing it to familiar items, from sports fields to famous landmarks. 

Visualizing the distance will help you make informed decisions and set realistic expectations, whether you are planning a running or cycling route, estimating travel distances, or assessing fitness goals.

Even if you want to understand the scale of a particular area, these comparisons will help you out.

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Read on.

13 Common Comparisons For 10 Miles

First: How long does it take to cover a distance of 10 miles?

Walking at the average walking speed of 3 to 4 mph, you’d cover 10 miles in about 3 hours. 

But if you run, instead, you’d take between 90 to 120 minutes to finish a 10-mile marathon, according to the Marathon Handbook

And when driving?  

According to Driving Geeks, you can drive 10 miles in about eight minutes. That is if you drove at 70 to 75 mph, the maximum speed in many states.

If that doesn’t give you a perspective of 10 miles, the following comparisons will.

1. 50 Laps Around a Soccer Field

Sports fields and courts are among our favorite ways to estimate distances and measurements at – and it makes sense. They have consistent dimensions, and most people are familiar with sports fields.

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For example, a standard soccer field measures 100 meters long by 60 meters wide. That means one lap around the field equals 320 meters or approximately 0.2 miles.

And if you make 50 laps? That would be 10 miles.

So, you can compare 10 miles to 50 laps around a standard soccer field. 

2. 50 Laps Around an American Football Field

Although an American football field is slightly smaller than a standard soccer field, the difference is usually minimal when you factor in the two end zones. 

The entire American football pitch is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide, with a perimeter of 1,040 feet, or 0.19 miles – almost the same as a soccer field. 

So, you can substitute a soccer field with an American football field and imagine running around the pitch 50 laps to get a sense of 10 miles.

3. 92 Laps Around a Hockey Rink

Hockey rinks are significantly smaller than soccer and American football fields. They’re typically 200 feet long and 85 wide with a perimeter of 570 feet or 0.107955 miles. 

So, if you are acquainted with a hockey rink, you can view 10 miles as walking around a hockey rink as many as 92 rounds.

4. 183 Laps Around an NBA Basketball Court

Basketball courts also have standardized dimensions defined by the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) and the NBA (National Basketball Association).

They’re usually 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. So, one lap around the court is 288 feet or 0.0545  miles.

That’s a mere fraction of 10 miles, so you need as many as 183 to cover the distance you are looking for.

5. 40 Laps Around a Standard Running Track

Running tracks are for hosting various track and field events and general running and fitness training. They’re all over – in schools, universities, and public recreation areas – making them an excellent way to understand different measurements.

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One lap around a standard running track is usually 400 meters or approximately 0.245 miles.

So, you can view 10 miles as covering 40 laps around a typical running track.

6. 80 Round Trips on a 100-meter Dash Track

The 100-meter dash is a short, intense sprint where athletes showcase their speed and acceleration. It often happens on running tracks and features in major athletic competitions, including the Olympics.

The distance is typically 100 meters (0.062 miles) long.

Thus, if you run from the starting point to the finish point and back, you’d need to repeat this round trip approximately 80 times to cover 10 miles.

7. 1.5X Loops on the Central Park Loop

The Central Park Loop is a popular running and cycling route in New York City. It serves as both a recreational space and a fitness destination in the heart of Manhattan, with people coming to jog, walk, and bike while enjoying the greenery and landmarks within the park.

Since the Central Loop spans 6.1 miles, encircling the iconic Central Park, 10 miles is a little longer than one and a half full loops.

8. 8X The Kentucky Derby Race

The Kentucky Derby is a renowned horse race held annually in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s one of the most prestigious events in horse racing, attracting both enthusiasts and a global audience.

The race takes place on the first Saturday in May and covers 1.25 miles at Churchill Downs.

Ten miles is comparable to approximately eight times that race.

9. 3 & ½ Laps Around Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a popular destination for leisure activities, events, and cultural gatherings in London. It boasts walking and cycling paths to facilitate that.

It’s among London’s largest and most famous parks, spanning 350 acres, and has a perimeter of 4.8 kilometers or approximately 3 miles. 

Thus, three and a half laps around the park would be 10.4 miles – close to the distance you’re looking for.

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10. 12 Trips Around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is a prominent feature on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

This iconic pool is approximately 2,028 feet long and 167 feet wide, stretching between the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial.

One trip around the pool is approximately 0.8 miles. And if you make eleven more, that would be a distance of 10 miles.

11. 2 & ½ Round Trips on the National Mall

The National Mall houses the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and can provide another perspective to understand the scale of 10 miles.

Here’s how. 

Since the iconic mall stretches about 2 miles, imagine walking its entire length, i.e., from the Lincoln Memorial to the United States Capitol and back, and repeat this round trip two and a half times.

12. 6X The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is not only a vital transportation link but also a symbol of San Francisco and a popular tourist attraction, offering stunning views of the city, the bay, and the Pacific Ocean. It’s in San Francisco, California.

The suspension bridge is approximately 1.7 miles, spanning the Golden Gate Strait and connecting San Francisco to Marin County.

To visualize 10 miles, you could imagine approximately six spans of the Golden Gate Bridge placed end to end.

Alternatively, think of making about three round trips across the bridge.

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13. 7X The High Line in New York City

The High Line is a unique and elevated public park built on a former railway track on Manhattan’s West Side in New York City.

It stretches for about 1.45 miles, offering a scenic walkway adorned with gardens, art installations, and urban design features.

To visualize 10 miles using the High Line in New York City as a reference, imagine walking seven full lengths of the park.

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