How Heavy is 75 Kg? 14 Common Comparisons

Understanding the weight of 75 kilograms is significant across various aspects of our lives.

From monitoring personal health and fitness goals to practical applications in sports, travel, and even wildlife, building a perspective of 75 kilograms can be incredibly useful. 

So, in this post, we delve into 14 insightful comparisons to give you a practical perspective on how heavy 75 kilograms is.

By exploring everyday items, from 5-gallon water containers to mattresses and even fascinating facts about animals like impalas and Great Danes, the post aims to provide a comprehensive understanding that resonates with your daily experiences.

Let’s embark on this journey to grasp the weight of 75 kilograms in a relatable and engaging fashion.

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14 Common Comparisons For 75 kilograms

If you want to understand how heavy 75 kilograms is in other units, it’s equivalent to about 165 pounds, 0.075 metric tons, or 0.08 tons.

But since that doesn’t give you a practical perspective of how heavy 75 kilograms is, refer to the following.

1. A Half Keg Beer Barrel

Also known as pony kegs, half keg beer barrels are ideal for serving beer at parties, events, or small gatherings.

These barrels typically hold around 15.5 gallons (58.67 liters) of beer at capacity and weigh about 160 pounds (73 kilograms).

They are only two kilograms short of 75 kilograms, so you get the idea. 

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2. 4 5-gallon Water Containers

5-gallon water containers are an excellent way to understand measurements such as 20 kilograms. They are suitable for storing and transporting clean drinking water, commonly used in homes, offices, and outdoor activities like camping.

Since five gallons of water weigh about 18 kilograms, the weight shoots up to approximately 20 kilograms when you factor in the container.

Therefore, with four 5-gallon containers full of water, you should never struggle again with the heaviness of 75 kilograms. It’s only slightly light.

3. 15 Gallons of Paint

A gallon of paint is slightly heavier than a gallon of water due to its thicker consistency and additional components like pigments and binders.

It’s about five kilograms heavy, on average, meaning you need as many as 15 to weigh close to 75 kilograms.

4. 3 Bushels of Corn

A bushel of corn is a unit of measurement commonly used in agriculture to quantify the volume of harvested corn.

It weighs approximately 25 kilograms, making it a perfect reference point 25 kilograms.

But you can also rely on it for heavier weights, including 75 kilograms. You need only three bushels to weigh that much.

5. 37 Standard Bricks


Bricks come in various sizes and weights, and the specifications vary based on the region and the intended use of the bricks.

In the United States, a standard brick is eight inches long and four inches wide and weighs about 2.05 kilograms.

That makes it a handy reference for lightweight weights starting with 2 kilograms

But if you’re familiar with them or can get them in plenty, you can paint a picture of 75 kilograms. You only need 37.

6. 6 Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are built with sturdy frames and strong wheels to withstand the impact of rough trails and uneven surfaces.

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That makes them heavier than traditional bicycles, and although they may vary in weight depending on the nature of the materials, the average weight is approximately 13 kilograms.

If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, 75 kilograms is equivalent to six typical mountain bikes.

7. 4 E-bikes

E-bikes are generally heavier due to the added electric components such as the motor, battery, and controller.

Although their weight may vary depending on the model and manufacturer, the average is about 24 kilograms.

Therefore, you can imagine lifting four e-bikes to get a sense of 75 kilograms.

8. A Front-loading Washing Machine

Front-loading washing machines have become increasingly popular due to their efficiency, energy-saving features, and superior cleaning performance.

These machines are usually heavier than top-loading machines due to their design, weighing anywhere between 60 and 80 kilograms.

Some popular examples that weigh 75 kilograms or close include Grundig GWN48430CW (75  kg), AEG SoftWater L9FSC949R ( 78.5 kg), and Beko Pro WX842430W (70 kg).

9. 3 Full-size Mattresses

Full-size mattresses offer enough space for a single adult sleeper to sleep comfortably. They are also a common choice for teenagers who have outgrown their childhood twin beds.

They are typically 75 inches long and 54 inches wide and weigh between 50 and 60 pounds (approximately 25 kilograms), depending on the nature of the materials.

Therefore, 75 kilograms is comparable to the weight of three full-size mattresses.

10. 4 Twin-size Mattresses

 Twin-size mattresses are ideal for single sleepers, children, or guest rooms. They are also commonly used in bunk beds and daybeds due to their compact size.

They are among the smallest mattresses, typically measuring 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length and weighing between 40 and 45 pounds (approximately 19 kilograms).

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Therefore, you can think of 75 kilograms as something four times as heavy as a typical twin-size mattress.

11. 10 Standard Bowling Balls

Bowling balls are spherical balls used in the sport of bowling. 

Although bowling balls can be as lightweight as six pounds, the standard weight is usually 16 pounds (7.3 kilograms). 

So, 75 kilograms is only two kilograms heavier than ten standard bowling balls.

12. 9 Small Passenger Car Tires

Small passenger car tires, particularly those used in hatchbacks, sedans, coupes, and other everyday cars for general purposes such as family transportation, weigh approximately 20 pounds (9.08 kilograms) without the rim. 

So, using that as the benchmark, 75 kilograms is equivalent to eight small passenger car tires, excluding the rim.

13. A Male Impala

Wondering what animal weighs 75 kilograms? 

Enter the impalas

Impalas are known for their reddish-brown coat with white underparts. They also have distinctive black markings on their face, ears, and tail.

Males are usually heavier than females and can grow to about 75 kilograms. They have long, lyre-shaped horns to distinguish themselves from females who have none.

They are native to eastern and southern Africa and are regular features in African wildlife documentaries.

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14. A Great Dane

Impalas are not the only animals flirting with 75 kilograms. 

Great Danes, too, range from 140 to 175 pounds (64 to 79 kg). 

They’re one of the largest dog breeds in the world and can stand around 28 to 34 inches (71 to 86 cm) tall at the shoulder.

Great Danes make excellent family pets due to their friendly nature and gentle temperament. 

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