How Heavy is 45 Kilograms? (With 14 Practical Visuals)

Are you curious about how heavy 45 kg is?

Maybe you’re into weightlifting and fitness and want to gauge whether 45 kilograms is challenging for your strength level.

Or you want to compare it to other weights you are familiar with to assess its heaviness relative to those objects.

You might also be interested in knowing if something weighing 45 kilograms is heavy to lift or carry. 

If any of these describe you, you are in the right place. 

In this post, I’ll take you through 15 things that weigh about 45 kilograms to help you build a perspective of a weight of 45 kilograms.

So, read on to find which item you can relate to, as the list includes many everyday things.

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Things That Weigh About 45 Kilograms

45 kilograms is equivalent to 99.2 pounds. 

And whether that is considered heavy or lightweight depends on various factors, such as the context, the individual’s strength, and what you are comparing it to

Use the following items to understand how heavy it is and judge yourself.

1. 12 Gallons of Water

Water is an excellent way to understand various measurements since it is everywhere, and you can easily divide it into different amounts. 

So for a weight of 45 kilograms, you only need to understand that one gallon of water weighs 3.8 kilograms.

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And since 1-gallon water containers are readily available, you can fill one, transfer it into a lightweight bag or container, then repeat the process eleven times. That water will be 45 kilograms heavy.

2. A Standard Bag of Cement

Have you ever tried to lift or carry a bag of cement? It could be just what you need to gauge the heaviness of 45 kgs. 

In the United States, a standard bag of cement weighs 94 pounds or approximately 43 kilograms. 

As such, you can think of 45 kilograms as slightly heavier than a standard bag of cement in the United States.

3. 22 Bricks

Speaking of cement, it always goes hand in hand with bricks. 

However, before using bricks as a reference point, first, confirm the standard weight of bricks in your country since it varies from country to country. 

For example, in the United States, it weighs precisely 2.05 kilograms. 

Therefore, if you are familiar with them, 45 kilograms is 22 times as heavy.

4. 10 Domestic Cats

Many households in the U.S. have cats as beloved members of their families. They are often chosen as companions for their playful, independent nature and ability to adapt to various living environments.

And since a domestic cat weighs approximately 4.5 kilograms when mature, you can think of 45 kilograms as the weight of ten.

5. 6 Bowling Balls

Many people enjoy bowling for fun, exercise, and friendly competition. It has a long-standing tradition as a social and competitive sport, with numerous bowling alleys and leagues across the country.

That makes a bowling ball an excellent reference point for measurements.

Although they come in different sizes, the most common weighs about 15-16 pounds, approximately 7.3 kilograms. 

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Therefore, 45 kilograms is as heavy as about six bowling balls.

6. 23 Steel-toe Boots

Steel-toe boots are generally heavier than regular footwear due to the added protective feature of a steel or composite toe cap.

And although the heaviness can vary depending on the specific design and materials used, most are around 4-5 pounds or approximately two kilograms.

Therefore, 45 kilograms is about 23 steel-toe boots.

7. 20 Reams of 20-pound Letter-sized Paper

Letter-sized papers are used for various purposes, including printing documents, writing notes, and other paper-based activities.

A ream of these papers consists of 500 sheets and weighs about five pounds or approximately 2.3 kilograms.

Therefore, 45 kilograms is about 22 times as heavy.

8. 4 2-year Old Toddlers

At two years old, toddlers develop basic language skills, using simple words and phrases to communicate their needs and wants. They may be learning to walk, climb, and use their fine motor skills to pick up objects.

Their average weight at that age is about 26 – 27 pounds, approximately 12 kilograms. 

So, using this as your guide, 45 kilograms is just about four 2-year-old toddlers.

9. 5 Average-sized Watermelons

Watermelons are refreshing and sweet fruits commonly served at picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor gatherings. They are considered summertime fruits thanks to their juicy and hydrating nature.

Although watermelons are available in different sizes, an average-sized one weighs about 20 pounds (9.08 kilograms), according to the Watermelon Board.

That means five watermelons would weigh approximately 45 kilograms.

10. A Male Komondor

Komondors are a large, distinctive breed of Hungarian livestock guardian dog known for their unique corded coat that resembles dreadlocks.

Although they are a relatively rare breed in the United States, they could be just what you need to understand the heaviness of 45 kilograms as males are just as heavy.

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11. A Recliner Chair

Recliner Chairs allow you the luxury to recline and stretch out your legs. They are popular choices for living rooms, home theaters, and other spaces where comfort and relaxation are necessary.

Although they come in different sizes depending on the design and materials, their average weight is 105 pounds or approximately 47 kilograms.

12. 2 E-bikes

E-bikes have gained traction for commuting and recreational use by offering an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. 

These E-bikes have added components like batteries and motors, making them weigh more than traditional bicycles, with most ranging from 20 to 25 kilograms. 

So, you can think of 45 kilograms as a weight twice as heavy as an E-bike.

13. 16 6-packs of Beer Bottles

Most people buy a 6-pack of beer bottles at liquor stores and convenience stores to enjoy at home or for social events or gatherings.

These 6-packs are easy to carry as they weigh only 2.3 – 3.2 kilograms.

But if you add 15 more, you may call for assistance as they weigh 45 kilograms.

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14. 28 MacBook Pros

MacBook Pros are highly regarded for their build quality, performance, and sleek design, making them a popular choice among professionals and creatives.

They’re also known for their relatively lightweight design compared to many other laptops in their class.

Although the weight depends on the model and screen size, they weigh approximately 1.6 kilograms on average.

Therefore, 45 kilograms is as heavy as 28 MacBook Pros. 

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