How Heavy is 200 Tons? (With 10 Examples)

Two hundred tons is a sheer weight, equivalent to 200,000 kilograms or approximately 440,925 pounds. 

As you can see, it’s an impressive amount of weight that represents a significant challenge in terms of moving. 

And to put it into perspective, this post covers ten items that are just as heavy to provide real-life comparisons. 

So if you’re trying to understand how heavy 200 tons is for general information, out of curiosity, or any other motive, this post is your go-to guide.

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Let’s go!

List of 10 Things That Weigh About 200 Tons

1. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a world-famous landmark symbolizing freedom and democracy. It is located on Liberty Island in the New York Harbor. 

The iconic statue attracts millions of visitors each year, looking for inspiration. It weighs 225 tons and can be a solid reference for things that weigh about 200 tons.

2. An Adult Blue Whale

Blue whales are magnificent sea mammals that rule the oceans. They have a global distribution, living in oceans worldwide. 

These beasts are the largest animals to ever grace the planet, weighing up to 200 tons and measuring 100 feet long. Their hearts are as heavy as the automobiles you see on the roads, and their tongue as an elephant. And as if that’s not surprising enough, the daily food of these massive mammals is about four tons!

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3. 100 Average-sized Cars

Even if you don’t own a car, they are everyday sights on highways and roads. So they can be reliable references for heavy weights, as we’ve seen severally here on 

Of course, the size of a car varies depending on the model and manufacturer. But according to the EPA Automotive Trends Report, an average-sized car weighs approximately 2 tons. 

So to understand how heavy 200 tons is, imagine the weight of 100 average-sized cars.

4. An Average-sized Locomotive

A locomotive is a powerful, self-propelled rail vehicle that pulls or pushes heavy trains along railway tracks. They transport passengers or freight over long distances. 

The average-sized locomotive (the majority) weighs between 210 and 220 tons and can be a reliable reference for things that weigh about 200 tons. 

Almost everything in this vehicle, including the wheels, is made from heavy metals such as steel and iron, contributing to their massive weight.

5. The Boeing Dreamlifter

The Boeing Dreamlifter transports large and oversized components of Boeing’s aircraft models. Its unique feature is the swing-tail cargo door located at the rear end. This gigantic door opens upward, allowing for the loading and unloading of oversized cargo, such as wings, fuselage sections, and other massive components.

It’s one of the largest in the world, as its cargo hold has a capacity of 65,000 cubic feet (1,840 cubic meters) and a total weight of approximately 200 tons. That’s why it has a maximum payload of about 125 tons!

6. 29 African Elephants

African elephants are enormous mammals that roam the grasslands and savannas in Sub-Saharan countries, often in groups. 

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They are the largest land animals, with males weighing about seven tons. The ears alone can weigh as much as 100 pounds, while the trunks over 200 pounds. 

As such, if you were to put about 29 African elephants on a weighing scale, they would be approximately 200 tons.

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7. 4 Standard Excavators

Excavators are heavy construction machines commonly used in various earthmoving and construction projects. They are versatile, with their activities such as, digging, lifting, and moving large quantities of soil, debris, or other materials. 

A standard excavator weighs about 25 pounds. So if you’re familiar with them, you can imagine four to get an idea of how heavy 200 tons is.

8. 32 Type C School Buses

Type C school buses are everyday sights on highways, ferrying students to and from school institutions. They are easily recognizable due to their distinctive yellow color, flashing lights, and stop signs.

When empty, Type C school buses weigh about 6.25 tons and carry about 72 passengers at capacity.

Therefore, to get an idea of 200 tons, you can imagine the combined weight of 32 such school buses.

9. 7 Standard Dump Trucks

Standard dump trucks have a rigid chassis and a bed mounted on the frame. You often see them on construction sites, transporting and unloading various materials, including sand, rocks, and gravel. 

The weight of a standard dump truck varies depending on its size and configuration, but on average, one is approximately 15 tons when loaded. 

Therefore, if you can imagine about seven together and weigh them, they would be approximately 200 tons.

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10. 4 Military Tanks

Military tanks are heavily armored and highly mobile combat vehicles used on land by ground forces. They are prominent in numerous films, television shows, and video games, so you might have wondered how heavy they are. 

Well, those introduced after the 1960s are the heaviest, with each weighing approximately 55 tons! 

And to help you understand how 200 tons is, you can think of it in terms of about four such military vehicles.

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