9 Common Things That Are 20 Acres Big

There are a couple of things that are 20 acres big that can help you understand how big 20 acres is. 

Maybe you’re partaking in projects involving 20-acre measurements, such as real estate, zoning, planning and development, agriculture, or recreational activities, these items will give you a picture of the size of the land you’ll be dealing with. 

And this post is the best place to find such items. We’ve included only common ones to help you visualize the measurement without much hassle. 

Read on.

9 Common Things That Are 20 Acres Big

1. 15 American Football Fields

The American football field is a reliable reference for visualizing different sizes, including 20 acres. These fields are distributed all over the United States, so many can picture how big they are. 

These fields have standard sizes, measuring 360 feet long and 160 feet wide, to cover an area of 57,600 square feet, equivalent to 1.322314 acres.

So using the American football field as a visual guide, you need to picture as many as 15 placed beside each other in any pattern.

2. Four Average Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are gigantic sea vessels offering an all-inclusive travel experience of its own kind. 

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These floating water giants are so big that they provide accommodation, dining, and entertainment to passengers. And on average, one is 1000 feet long and 200 feet wide, covering an area of 200,000 square feet, equivalent to approximately five acres.

So if you can visualize five average cruise ships beside each other in any pattern, they would give you a taste of 20 acres.

3. 65 Olympic Size Swimming Pools

Olympic-size swimming pools make excellent references for many measurements since they are commonly available and have standard sizes. 

Each measures 50 meters by 25 meters to cover an area of 1,250 square meters, or approximately 0.3 acres.

That means 20 acres of land would fit as many as 65 Olympic-size swimming pools constructed beside each other.

4. 360 Average American Homes

Although the size of a home can vary depending on several factors, including personal preferences and land availability, the average American home sits on approximately 2,400 square feet of land, equivalent to 0.0550964 acres. 

With that in mind, if you have 20 acres of land, it would be big enough to build 360 homes. That’s quite a massive estate!

5. 190 NBA Courts

Basketball courts are popular in the United States, as basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country. 

But while different basketball courts have varying measurements, a professional NBA basketball court has a standard size of 94 by 50 feet, meaning it sits on 4,700 square feet of land or 0.107897 acres.

Therefore, to put it into perspective, imagine a piece of land large enough to accommodate 190 basketball courts, and that’s the size of 20 acres.

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6. 500 Volleyball Courts

Alongside basketball, volleyball is one of the most played sports in the United States. Hence, the courts are popular in various locations, including schools, parks, community centers, sports clubs, and private residences. 

All these volleyball courts occupy an area of just 0.0400311, but if you’re familiar with them, you can use them to understand what 20 acres looks like. It’s big enough to build a whopping 500 such courts.

7. 300 Tennis Courts

Tennis is a popular sport and recreational activity, with courts distributed throughout the United States where friends and families meet to enjoy. 

Tennis courts for double matches are the most common as people like to play in pairs for more fun. These courts cover an area of approximately 2,800 square feet, equivalent to 0.0642792 acres. 

That means if you owned 20 acres of land, it would be equivalent to 300 tennis courts.

8. Five Grand Ole Oprys

The Grand Ole Opry is a famous country music stage concert that originated in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s popular in the United States, and you might have visited it if you are a country music fan. 

The iconic institution can accommodate more than 4,000 visitors as it sits on about four acres. That means with 20 acres of land, you can build five Grand Ole Opry.

9. 50 Hockey Rinks

Hockey rinks need no introduction if you’re among the many dedicated hockey fans in the United States. Even if you are not a fan, hockey rinks are popular in many community centers and colleges. 

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Hockey rinks have standard measurements, 200 feet long and 85 feet wide, taking up 17,000 square feet of land (approximately 0.4 acres). 

Therefore, if you divide 20 acres by the size of one hockey rink, you would get 50, meaning in a 20-acre piece of land, you can have 50 standard hockey rinks.

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