How Big is 100 Cubic Feet? 11 Common Comparisons (+Pics)

One hundred cubic feet refers to a volume measurement equal to a cube with sides of length 4.6416 feet. It’s commonly used to measure the capacity of large containers, rooms, or quantities of a substance.

A grasp of this volume proves invaluable in numerous practical scenarios, like envisioning furniture dimensions, calculating shipping needs, or optimizing room design. It serves as a valuable guide. 

This post will help you understand how big 100 cubic feet is using familiar items such as wardrobe boxes and moving boxes as references.

Read on to find out what best suits your pursuits.

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11 Common Comparisons For 100 Cubic Feet

A hundred cubic feet is approximately 172,800 cubic inches and 2.832 cubic meters.

You can compare it to the following items to understand its size.

1. 2 2-seater Sofas

Also known as a loveseat, a 2-seater sofa is a compact seating option that comfortably accommodates two people.

Since they are popular choices for cozy living rooms, bedrooms, or even office spaces where a compact seating solution is needed, you can leverage their prevalence to understand different measurements. 

2-seater sofas come in various styles, materials, and designs, all almost the same size, measuring 63 by 38 by 34 inches, covering x cubic inches.

That’s approximately 50 cubic feet, meaning envisioning two 2-seater sofas side by side or stacked would give you a mental image of 100 cubic feet.

2. 8 Large-size Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are handy tools when relocating or storing clothes for an extended period.

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They come in various sizes to accommodate different types of clothing, from shorter jackets to longer dresses.

For example, a large-size wardrobe box is usually 24 by 24 by 43 inches, covering an area of 23,194 cubic inches or approximately 13 cubic feet. 

So, you could visualize the size of 100 cubic feet by considering it approximately as big as eight large-size wardrobes.

3. 22 Large-size Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are another type of box you can rely on to understand how big 100 cubic feet is. They’re essential tools for relocating belongings efficiently and securely.

Generally, moving boxes are smaller than wardrobe boxes, with the largest measuring 18 by 18 by 24 inches, to cover x cubic inches (about 4.5 cubic feet). 

That means you could visualize the size of 100 cubic feet by picturing 22 large-size moving boxes.

4. 6 Standard Bathtubs

Bathtubs are fixtures designed for bathing and relaxation, typically found in bathrooms.

They come in various styles, including alcove tubs, freestanding tubs, corner tubs, and drop-in tubs – with different sizes in each category.

That said, the most common standard bathtub measures 60 by 30 by 15 inches and features an apron at the front. This size fits in the alcoves of most small houses. 

Therefore, imagine arranging six standard bathtubs in any pattern to get a sense of 100 cubic feet. That’s essentially 96 cubic feet, but you get the idea.

5. 11 Standard Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are versatile furniture pieces designed to complement seating arrangements in living rooms or lounge areas.

Although coffee tables are available in different sizes, depending on the brand, they tend to adhere to similar dimensions: 2 feet wide, 2.9 feet long, and 1.5 feet tall, with a total space of around nine cubic feet. 

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That means you can compare 100 cubic feet to 11 standard coffee tables in any pattern you choose.

6. A Stack of 2 Bar-size Pool Tables

Often referred to as bar or pub tables, bar-size pool tables are the smallest of any pool table, making them suitable for spaces with limited room.

They’re usually 78 inches long, 39 inches wide, and approximately 30 inches high from the ground.

That means a bar-size pool table occupies 91,260 cubic inches (approximately 52 cubic feet).

Hence, 100 cubic feet is approximately as big as a stack of two bar-size pool tables.

7. A Regulation Table Tennis Table

A regulation table tennis table is comparatively bigger than any pool table.

It measures 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet tall, covering approximately 112 cubic feet of space. 

So, if you are a table tennis enthusiast, picture a table tennis table to get a sense of 100 cubic feet. It’s not equal, but it gives you a practical idea of the space you’ll be dealing with.

8. 20 Rectangular Hay Bales

Hay bales are compacted, dried grass bundles used primarily as fodder for livestock, particularly horses and cattle.

They come in various types, with the most prevalent being rectangular and differing in size based on the baler used and the preferences of farmers or suppliers.

The most common rectangular hay bales are 14 by 18 by 35 inches, covering a space of 8,820 or approximately five cubic feet. 

Hence, you can compare 100 cubic feet to the space 20 rectangular hay bales occupies.

You can arrange them in a 4×5 grid, with four rows and five columns, or in any other combination that multiplies to 20.

9. 4X A Standard Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool is a well-known brand in the appliance industry, especially for making innovative, feature-stacked, and durable refrigerators.

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These refrigerators are available in all sizes to accommodate various kitchen layouts and consumer needs, with the standard size being around 70 inches tall and a capacity of 20 to 27 cubic feet.

So, you could visualize the size of 100 cubic feet by considering the storage capacities of four standard Whirlpool refrigerators.

10. 5X A Medium-sized Car Trunk

Also known as a boot in some countries, a car trunk is a compartment at the rear of a car designed for storage. It provides a secure and enclosed space for storing luggage, groceries, tools, and other items while traveling.

Of course, car trunks vary depending on the car and model. But generally, medium-sized sedans, such as the Tesla Model S, Kia 5, and Toyota Camry Hybrid, have a trunk capacity of approximately 20 cubic feet. 

So, if you want to know if 100 cubic feet will suit your storage needs, visualize a space five times the size of a midsize car’s trunk for a practical idea. 

Also, some small SUVs, such as the Honda CR-V, Tesla Model Y, and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, have a trunk capacity of approximately 20 cubic feet. So you can use them to the same effect.

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11. 12X A Medium-sized Dog Crate

Dog crates are enclosures designed to provide a secure and comfortable space for dogs, especially when traveling or training.

Whether wire crates, plastic crates, or soft-sided crates, dog crates are available in all sizes, with medium-sized options the most common since they can fit different dog breeds.

They’re usually 30 by 24 by 21 inches, with a space of 15,120 cubic inches or approximately 8.8 cubic feet. 

That means 100 cubic feet is about 12 times the space of a medium-sized dog crate.

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