How Big is 40 Acres Visually? (Examples Included)

things that are 40 acres long

Forty acres is a massive area equivalent to a whopping 1,742,400 square feet or 193,600 yards. If it were land, 40 acres would be big enough to start a community project or contract farming.  If you want to figure out how big it is, a helpful way is to compare it to items of similar … Read more

How Big is 10 Acres Visually? (Explained)

things that are 10 acres long

As you might have heard, 10 acres is equivalent to 435,600 square feet or 48,400 square yards.  While that’s true, to understand how big 10 acres is visually, you need to compare it with real-life objects so you can have a point of reference.  And this post will help you do exactly that by providing … Read more

8 Common Things That are 12 Meters Long

things that are 12 meters long

12 meters is about 13 yards or 39 feet.  We won’t say that knowledge is unworthy as you can apply it in mathematics.  However, when you want to get a sense of how long that length is, these figures are nothing but mathematical theories.  So how can you describe how long is 12 meters? The … Read more

8 Common Things That are 7 Centimeters Long

things that are 7 cm long

A calculator or a measuring tool will tell you that 7 centimeters is 0.23 feet or 2.76 inches. That’s true. But not satisfactory as it’s nothing but a mathematical theory that won’t help you estimate the distance. The easiest way to understand how long 7 centimeters is to compare it with something. It’s easy because … Read more

9 Common Things That are 5 Centimeters Long

things that are 5 cm long

Without a ruler, it can be challenging to know how big is 5 centimeters. So what do you do when you want to approximate such length when you don’t have measuring tools? A good way to do so is to visualize objects that are 5 centimeters. And while these objects may not be as accurate … Read more